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Not so fast: Federal judge says Constitution doesn’t require redefining marriage

Perhaps the most powerful argument for same-sex marriage has been that it is “inevitable.” It’s powerful because it contains an implicit threat: If you think there is something unique and uniquely valuable about marriage between a husband and wife — … Continue reading

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A possible Supreme Court twist in Utah’s marriage case

Last week, Utah asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review a decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit that Utah’s marriage amendment (approved by the Legislature and two-thirds of voters in 2004) is unconstitutional because the … Continue reading

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UtahPolicy.com poll: Most Utahns oppose same-sex marriage

A new Dan Jones/UtahPolicy.com poll shows that a majority of Utahns are “completely opposed” to same-sex marriage – and “completely support” Utah’s legal defense of Amendment 3: A new Zions Bank/UtahPolicy.com poll conducted by Dan Jones and Associates finds 53% … Continue reading

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Human rights court: Civil unions are good enough

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled in a case involving a Finnish transsexual that there is no legal right to “gay marriage” and that a civil union is sufficient for same-sex couples. From the LifeSite website: The European … Continue reading

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What is marriage – and why is it a matter of public policy?

I’m not going to say anything about morality, anything about theology or anything about tradition. There are some people who talk about marriage and talk about the same-sex marriage debate in terms of a moral argument, a theological argument or … Continue reading

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Is it to be civil debate or ‘stamp-’em-all-out’?

In a revealing Twitter exchange, Heritage Foundation’s Ryan Anderson and The New York Times’ Josh Barro debated whether human beings who support traditional marriage are “people unworthy of respect” and whose attitudes should be “stamp[ed] out, ruthlessly,” in Barro’s words. … Continue reading

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Deseret News: Utah granted stay in same-sex-marriage case

(Deseret News) The U.S. Supreme Court put recognition of same-sex marriages performed in Utah on hold until the outcome of the state’s appeal of a lower court ruling. Justice Sonia Sotomayor granted the state’s petition Friday for a stay after … Continue reading

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Ignoring old truths to create a new reality

It’s easy to win an argument when you invent a new reality. In the case of same-sex marriage, plaintiffs simply argue that a definition of marriage that has existed, culturally and legally, for millennia is an old reality. Proponents of … Continue reading

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Analysis of 10th Circuit’s radical ruling on marriage amendment

Editor’s note: Utah is now at the heart of the debate over same-sex marriage. The state’s Amendment 3, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman, was challenged in court as unconstitutional and was subsequently struck down by … Continue reading

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A disappointing 10th Circuit ruling; on to Supreme Court

It’s disappointing to have a few federal judges decide that they can unilaterally override the decision of Utah voters to preserve marriage as society’s way of preserving children’s opportunity to be reared by a mother and father. We’ve long known … Continue reading

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John Paulk and the politicization of homosexuality – Mero Moment, 6/24/14

This post is a transcript of a 4-minute weekly radio commentary aired on several Utah radio stations. Earlier this month, the Texas Republican Party adopted as a part of its latest platform a provision in support of what is called … Continue reading

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The blind spot of same-sex-marriage advocates

The optic disc is the point at which the optic nerve enters the retina. The optic disc is insensitive to light. It has no rods or cones and, therefore, cannot detect any images. The optic disc is also called the … Continue reading

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Sign petition: Let Herbert, Reyes know we stand with them in defending marriage!

Gov. Gary Herbert and Attorney General Sean Reyes are being bombarded by voices demanding they give in and stop defending Utah’s law preserving marriage between a man and a woman. The silent majority needs to stand up and let them … Continue reading

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Statement regarding judge’s order to recognize same-sex marriages in Utah

Today’s decision is disappointing because it rewards judicial overreaching. There’s nothing in the United States Constitution that allows courts to mandate same-sex marriage on the states, but one judge was able to do just that by issuing a novel ruling … Continue reading

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