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Read with caution: Why ‘The Law’ lacks context for today’s readers

I read The Law by Frédéric Bastiat in 1977, when I was 19 years old and attending a small college in North Texas. The Law, along with other writings on liberty, had a profound effect on my intellectual development. Sutherland … Continue reading

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Freedom from the fringes

Back in my Navy flying days we had a saying: If you’re not getting shot at, you’re not over the target. Apparently talking about founding principles, self-governance, and individual rights and responsibilities puts us over the target, because there’s been … Continue reading

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‘The Yellow Bird’ and the limits of liberty

This post is a transcript of a 4-minute weekly radio commentary aired on several Utah radio stations. English journalist and author G.K. Chesterton once wrote a parable about liberty titled “The Yellow Bird.” In this parable, a Russian scholar, Professor … Continue reading

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Herbert: ‘From adversity comes strength, from strength comes success’

Last week Governor Gary R. Herbert was inaugurated to his first full term as Utah’s chief executive, having first accepted the role in 2009 when then-Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. was appointed ambassador to China. Conducted in the rotunda of Utah’s … Continue reading

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Freedom to close businesses on Sunday is worth preserving

Living in a community bordering Highland, we see lots of signs for and against local Proposition 6, which would do away with the city’s Sunday closing. The anti-Proposition 6 campaign is in the right. People don’t need to shop on … Continue reading

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No liberty is violated by Highland’s Sunday closures

Residents of the city of Highland are considering repealing a Sunday closure regulation. They alone will decide. My interest in this debate is intellectual. My two cents is simply to remind Highland residents that there is no liberty interest at … Continue reading

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