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Secede over pot and Obamacare? You’re nuts

Tweet Did you know that there are public petitions in all 50 states in support of secession? I didn’t, but former presidential candidate Ron Paul knows. He likes the idea that states should secede from the Union. He says he’s … Continue reading

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Mero: Why I am a conservative and not a libertarian

Tweet Below are the opening and closing remarks delivered by Sutherland Institute President Paul Mero Thursday during the 2012 Freedom Fest held in Las Vegas. He was part of a debate on the topic of whether LDS Church members (Mormons) … Continue reading

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Drug legalization and ‘victimless crimes’

Tweet   Before I’m willing to sit down and discuss innovative ways we can reform the criminalization of drugs (and any related alcohol issues in Utah), I need to make clear a fundamental perspective about human action and free will … Continue reading

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