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Minimum wage hike is a way to abdicate responsibility

Tweet Earlier this month I wrote a brief post explaining why raising the minimum wage is a dumb idea from an economic perspective and harms the very people it’s supposed to help. In a nutshell, setting an arbitrary minimum wage … Continue reading

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The myth of the gender wage gap, part 2

Tweet Last summer, I wrote about a 2009 government-financed research report which provided evidence that the so-called “gender wage gap” – the idea that women get paid less than men because of baseless discrimination – is largely a myth. The … Continue reading

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Lehi Roller Mills and bureaucracy

Tweet A great local business in northern Utah County, Lehi Roller Mills, has recently filed for bankruptcy protection. Hopefully the move will allow the company to get back on its feet and remain viable for the sake of the community, … Continue reading

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The myth of the gender wage gap

Tweet The modern feminist movement cares most about appearances, not realities. Let me endeavor to illustrate this to you. Last week, the U.S. Senate failed to pass a bill called the Paycheck Fairness Act, which was intended to help combat … Continue reading

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The ultimate reform for public employee unions: ditch them

Tweet In the wake of yesterday’s bigger-than-expected margin of victory for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in his recall election, we thought we’d highlight just what his reforms have accomplished so far and suggest the “ultimate” reform: end public employee unions … Continue reading

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Public employee unions: a ‘50-year mistake’?

Tweet Recent events in Wisconsin have caused many people to consider what role, if any, public employee unions should play in negotiations over salaries and working conditions. Though on a smaller scale, events this week in Sandy and Salt Lake … Continue reading

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