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Capitol Daily Video: update on education savings accounts

On Wednesday morning, Representative John Dougall (R-American Fork) presented a bill that would give Utah students education savings accounts, providing them more options for their schooling. Watch today’s video report to learn more about HB 123 and why Sutherland thinks it’s … Continue reading

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Capitol Daily Memo: education savings accounts bill unveiled

  Representative John Dougall’s innovative education savings accounts bill was made public today. As we have written in previous posts (here), education savings accounts (ESAs) are a game-changing idea that could improve public education in Utah by leaps and bounds. … Continue reading

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Education savings accounts offer a way to reward high achievers

  A few months ago I wrote about the game-changing potential of education savings accounts (ESAs), an education funding proposal that Representative John Dougall (R-Highland) plans to introduce during the 2012 legislative session. As it turns out, Sutherland is not … Continue reading

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‘Education savings accounts’: a game-changing idea

  For you parents out there with students in high school, how would you like it if you were given a chunk of money to pay for the best high school education possible for your child, with the flexibility to … Continue reading

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Should Utah eliminate safety and emissions tests?

  Representative John Dougall (R-Dist. 27) wants to pass a bill in the 2012 legislative session that would eliminate safety inspections entirely and loosen requirements for emissions testing. He argues that these requirements are unnecessary for many cars and do … Continue reading

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