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Why Medicaid expansion will hurt Utah’s most vulnerable

A new analysis by Jonathan Ingram of the Foundation for Government Accountability and Derek Monson of Sutherland Institute explains why Utah should opt out of Medicaid expansion: Utah’s Medicaid expansion plans put the state’s truly needy citizens at great risk. … Continue reading

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How to make health care more affordable: Part 2

  Last month, I wrote about how free market health reforms are needed so that health care consumers (patients) have greater incentive to be conscious of and control their health care costs. In this post, I want to discuss free … Continue reading

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How to make health care more affordable: Part 1

  According to a study by McKinsey & Co., once the federal government begins to penalize businesses for not offering health insurance to their employees and subsidizes individual health insurance plans under Obamacare (starting in 2014), “almost one-third of U.S. … Continue reading

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