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Immigration benefits both immigrants and working-class Americans, study says

Some have argued that modern-day immigrants – referring to Mexican immigrants who are “low skilled” – are harmful to working families because they take away jobs from working-class families. Recent research suggests the opposite is in fact the case, at … Continue reading

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Rico’s immigrant founder using his success to help others

Here’s a great example of private charity – made possible by a Mexican immigrant who arrived in Utah, got to work and created a successful business. Now he’s helping feed the hungry with the assistance of volunteers on bikes. From … Continue reading

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Why ‘enforcement-first’ tactic won’t work for immigration

The following post is a transcript of a 4-minute weekly radio commentary aired on several Utah radio stations. I’m following with interest the criticisms being directed at United States Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio is a conservative Republican from Florida who … Continue reading

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Incompetent referees and bad laws

Like millions of other Americans watching Monday Night Football this week, I was in disbelief. It didn’t matter what team you were rooting for, if you had even one good eye to see with, you knew that the losing team … Continue reading

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Smart words on immigration from Condoleezza Rice

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice delivered an incisive and well-received speech yesterday covering several topics at the Republican National Convention. I would like to highlight just one gem about immigration. Rice’s view on immigration closely matches what Sutherland has … Continue reading

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Capitol Daily Video: legal advice to immigrants

  SB 144 aims to stop predatory practices by individuals claiming to provide legal advice to immigrants. Watch this video to hear what Senator Luz Robles (D-Salt Lake City), the bill’s sponsor, and Stan Rasmussen, Sutherland’s director of public affairs, … Continue reading

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Reality squashes farmer’s plan to hire local labor

  With unemployment hovering around 9 percent, some have argued that if we could just “deal with” (read: “round up and ship out” or “starve out”) undocumented immigrants, there would be enough jobs to go around. After all, they’re taking … Continue reading

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A glimpse of right-wing extremism

  Former Arizona State Senator Karen Johnson doesn’t like the Utah Compact. She calls it “amnesty.” You might recall that I wrote, and Sutherland recently published, an updated essay with an immigration twist, titled “The Poison of Extremism.” In it … Continue reading

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Rotten to the core: Georgia’s enforcement-only policy

  Those who crafted HB 116 did so with their eyes wide open to the realities of the complex immigration issue. Yes, the federal government needs to fix its terribly flawed immigration policy. Yes, illegal immigrants living in Utah broke … Continue reading

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New video on HB 116

  So what exactly does HB 116 do? Watch this video for a brief overview of Utah’s guest worker bill and see why it is a step in the right direction. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1EWjVF8MTM&feature=player_profilepage

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The Truth About HB 116: FAQ

  Critics of HB 116 have tried their best to dissect the new law and uncover its flaws with the intent to have it repealed. In an effort to clear the air, here are a few answers to questions we … Continue reading

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Immigration debate: what ‘round ’em up’ actually looks like

Throughout Utah’s immigration debate, some voices have called for a strict enforcement-only policy regarding illegal immigrants. What those voices haven’t explained is what the policy would actually look like if implemented. How exactly do you “round ’em up” and “ship … Continue reading

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Mero: Don’t Let Partisanship Derail Utah Solution for Undocumented Immigration

The following is an op-ed produced by Sutherland Institute President Paul T. Mero and submitted to various newspapers in Utah. This is the piece, unedited, in its entirety. Please forgive me a few personal ruminations. For nearly three years, through … Continue reading

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