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Hobby Lobby issues demystified

Bloomberg View writer Megan McArdle calmly answers some of the wild questions zooming around the Internet in “Answers to All Your Hobby Lobby Questions.” For instance: 1) What can stop a company from arguing that it is against the owner’s … Continue reading

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On Point video: Utah primaries and hot-topic court rulings, 6/26/14

In this episode of On Point, “Holly on the Hill” blogger Holly Richardson is joined by three lawyers – Michelle Mumford, assistant dean at the BYU Law School; Curt Bentley, Utah political blogger; and Bill Duncan, director of Sutherland’s Center … Continue reading

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How Supreme Court ruling supports integrity, tolerance

“Americans need to understand that religious liberty is good for the nation; it’s not just a form of right-wing special pleading,” writes Rachel Lu today in The Federalist. Her article gives the reader “3 ways of promoting religious freedom to … Continue reading

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Sutherland applauds Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision

Sutherland Institute issued the following statement today, June 30, 2014, in reaction to the Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case: The Supreme Court has done the right thing. No one should have to choose between acting on their … Continue reading

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Support exercise of religious freedom: Shop Hobby Lobby Saturday

For a nation with a yearning for religious freedom at its roots, we are seeing an awful callousness toward exercise of that freedom lately. One of the more recent manifestations of this trend has the Green family, who operate Hobby … Continue reading

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