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Massive regulatory costs hamper the current ‘recovery’

This chart is worth a thousand words: The regulatory costs of the first terms of President Clinton (1993-1996) and President George W. Bush (2001-2004) also occurred during economic recoveries, after recessions in 1991 and 2001, respectively. And, perhaps not coincidentally, … Continue reading

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The Sundance tempest

Last week my Sutherland colleague Derek Monson wrote about the Sundance Film Festival. To highlight the unbelievable truth that a whole bunch of your tax dollars go to a film festival in Park City, Derek mentioned a few of the … Continue reading

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Budget deal? It’s just more spending

In these weekly commentaries I try to stay pretty even-keeled but the whole “fiscal cliff” mess has driven me over the edge. The nation – the American people – are $16 trillion in debt – $16 trillion with no hope … Continue reading

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Utah’s reliance on federal spending makes the cliff’s edge painful

As Washington, D.C., moves ever closer toward taking us off the so-called fiscal cliff (which politicians in Washington created for us in the first place), it is worth looking at what the effect on Utahns will be. The projected impacts … Continue reading

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Map: How much Utah and other states rely on federal funds

As we move closer toward the so-called fiscal cliff, the Tax Foundation has put out a map of the United States with estimates of how much each state relies on funds from the federal government. The measure is federal funds … Continue reading

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Who’s paying for the party?

A recent study by BYU professors (see here and here) tells us that when parents pay for their children’s college, those children are more likely to engage in risky behaviors like alcohol abuse than those who pay their own way, in … Continue reading

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The case for a government spending amendment

  Utah state government, as measured by government spending, has grown dramatically over the last several decades. This growth habit is easy to see when comparing growth in inflation-adjusted state spending to growth in state population – real state spending … Continue reading

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