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Legislature supports public-lands transfer with ‘what next’ bills

Tweet The Utah Legislature adjourned this month with a nice package of bills to support the state’s Transfer of Public Lands (TPLA) initiative. Since they’ve already passed a bill demanding transfer, the next step is to address what happens to … Continue reading

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Don’t take my PILT down, man

Tweet There’s nothing wrong with PILT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) that getting rid of the need for PILT won’t fix. But so long as there’s a “in Lieu of Taxes,” getting rid of “Payments” would be fundamentally unfair and … Continue reading

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The downside (we hope) of hubris

Tweet Hubris  (hju·bris)  1. pride or arrogance 2. (in Greek tragedy) an excess of ambition, pride, etc., ultimately causing the transgressor’s ruin. Or, if you’d like a different definition: Headline: “Interior secretary says Obama may bypass Congress on monuments” And not … Continue reading

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New report: Energy development on federal lands could add $6.7B to Utah’s economy

Tweet A report released today by the Sutherland Institute Center for Self-Government in the West finds that, based on high-, medium-, and low-usage scenarios, the state’s economy could add between about $1.2 billion and $6.7 billion and 9,400 to 58,000 … Continue reading

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Finding balance: Utah, the feds, nature and natural resources

Tweet The state of Utah recently sued the Obama administration over its wild lands policy. The Salt Lake Tribune reported on Gov. Gary Herbert’s take: “Herbert warned that the wild lands policy creates a category of lands akin to wilderness … Continue reading

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