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Sutherland’s position statement on Medicaid expansion

Sutherland Institute understands the perspective of those calling for Utah to follow Obamacare’s vision of Medicaid expansion. The argument sounds reasonable: Since Utahns are paying tax dollars to Washington, D.C., under Obamacare, then why shouldn’t Utah take every Medicaid expansion … Continue reading

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Don’t take my PILT down, man

There’s nothing wrong with PILT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) that getting rid of the need for PILT won’t fix. But so long as there’s a “in Lieu of Taxes,” getting rid of “Payments” would be fundamentally unfair and harmful … Continue reading

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Loss of federal funds might uncover a silver lining

Last week I ran across a Salt Lake Tribune story telling how some local governments and water districts are feeling the pinch as their state funding, which is dependent on federal funding, begins to dry up. State and local dependence … Continue reading

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Why Utah should expect ongoing drops in federal funding

With sequestration now in place, federal funding for low-income and special education students, national defense (read: Hill Air Force Base), and for local government programs and services will be decreasing, with impacts which have yet to materialize. The impacts may … Continue reading

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2013 Legislature: Testimony in favor of SCR 7 — reducing dependence on federal funds

Testimony given by Stan Rasmussen Friday in support of Sen. Aaron Osmond’s Concurrent Resolution to Reduce Utah’s Dependence on Federal Funds (SCR 7) before the Senate Government Operations Committee: Thank you, Madam Chair, and good morning, Senators. I am Stan … Continue reading

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2013 Legislature: Testimony in favor of SB 70 – commission relating to federal issues

Testimony given by Derek Monson Wednesday before the Senate Government Operations Committee in support of Sen. Deidre Henderson’s SB 70: Thank you, Mr. Chair. My name is Derek Monson and I represent Sutherland Institute.  We are here to testify in … Continue reading

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Utah’s reliance on federal spending makes the cliff’s edge painful

As Washington, D.C., moves ever closer toward taking us off the so-called fiscal cliff (which politicians in Washington created for us in the first place), it is worth looking at what the effect on Utahns will be. The projected impacts … Continue reading

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Capitol Daily Memo: health department gulps at possible loss of federal funds

  Imagine that you’re a third-grader who needs $10 every day for breakfast, lunch and snacks at school, and that you have a generous fifth-grade friend who pays $7 of the cost each day. You “earn” the remaining $3 by … Continue reading

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Budget deal: Utah still addicted to the federal trough

  A year and a half ago I wrote an article for the Standard-Examiner about how Utah is addicted to federal dollars. Since then, nothing has changed. The federal budget deal has again brought this issue to our attention. A … Continue reading

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