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Ditch compulsory education in Utah? Yes!

I received today, through a colleague, a letter from State Senator Aaron Osmond. The letter, which was sent to Sen. Osmond’s constituents, calls for an end to compulsory education in Utah. I concur. In 2002, Sutherland Institute produced a publication … Continue reading

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Why Common Core is not conservative

The following post is a transcript of a 4-minute weekly radio commentary aired on several Utah radio stations. Common Core is a way to standardize math and science education. It was devised by states not wanting to comply with No … Continue reading

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Partisan elections would improve Utah’s state school board

Sutherland Institute is calling for a partisan election system – or a hybrid system with a significant partisan election component – for selecting state school board members. In a new paper released today, Sutherland proposes that the primary goal of … Continue reading

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Utah showing how digital learning can make public schools more cost-effective

As noted in a recent news story in The Salt Lake Tribune, Utah has begun a move away from traditional textbooks to digital textbooks (aka e-books) that is “gaining speed.” These e-books are “cheaper, more up to date and interactive,” … Continue reading

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Utah’s at the top in digital learning – let’s keep it there

As noted by the Utah Taxpayers Association and The Senate Site, Utah recently received an “A” on the 2012 Digital Learning Report Card from Digital Learning Now! As the only state in the country to do so, Utah is setting … Continue reading

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What is ‘local control’ in public education really about?

How would an authentically child-centered view of public education define “local control,” in regard to actually running a public school? Does it mean state-level control, district-level control, or school-level control? According to a new study, shifting power from the state … Continue reading

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2013 Legislature: Testimony in favor of student-centered learning pilot program

Testimony written by Derek Monson and given by Stan Rasmussen Wednesday, Feb. 27, before the Senate Education Committee in support of Sen. Howard Stephenson’s Student-Centered Learning Pilot Program (SB 79): Thank you, Mr. Chair. Sutherland Institute supports SB 79 because … Continue reading

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2013 Legislature: Testimony in favor of education transparency bill

Testimony given by Derek Monson before the Senate Education Committee on Monday: Thank you, Mr. Chair. My name is Derek Monson and I am Director of Policy with Sutherland Institute. I am here to speak in favor of SB 128. In … Continue reading

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Let’s avoid insane ‘payday loans’ for local government

According to a recent news article, a school district in California recently got a $2.5 million bond (i.e., a loan) that will cost taxpayers in the district $34 million to pay off – almost 14 times the size of the … Continue reading

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UHSAA’s tyrannical, unelected quasi-bureaucrats

When a professional athlete moves from one team to another nobody cries foul, even if the fans are disappointed about the player leaving. It’s the same thing in amateur sports. If a college athlete chooses to transfer to another school … Continue reading

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Evaluating (and paying) teachers more effectively

The Deseret News recently published an article discussing how educators and education researchers are investigating new ways to evaluate the effectiveness of school teachers. Those ways include: (1) rigorous classroom observation, based on specific teaching behaviors associated with student learning … Continue reading

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Video: Digital learning shakes up the factory model

One of the main problems with traditional education is the factory model it uses for grouping and advancing students through grade levels. This model leaves little room for individualization, customization, pace adjustment and other unique needs and circumstances. Digital learning, … Continue reading

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Interim Day: Grim impact of fed spending cuts on schoolchildren

At the Education Interim Committee on Capitol Hill this week, the committee heard a presentation about the potential impact of the pending federal sequestration policy on Utah’s public school and higher education systems. The sequestration policy would be enacted early … Continue reading

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Harvard-Brookings study finds vouchers increased college enrollment for black students

A first-of-its-kind study of a private school voucher program in New York City, published by Harvard University and the Brookings Institution, found “large, statistically significant positive impacts” from the voucher program on college enrollment among African-American children. The researchers reported … Continue reading

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UHSAA cites administrative headaches as justification for denying transfer to depressed student

In a stunning display of callous disregard for a child’s emotional health and well-being, a spokesman for the Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA) recently justified denying depressed children seeking to transfer schools the opportunity to immediately play sports at … Continue reading

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