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Is the ‘gay rights’ bandwagon good for business?

Tweet The following post is a transcript of a 4-minute weekly radio commentary aired on several Utah radio stations. A growing number of private businesses are adopting internal policies addressing discrimination in the workplace regarding homosexuality. These nondiscrimination policies are … Continue reading

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Why Utah should celebrate being 51st

Tweet When you read the term “economic security,” what do you think of? The likelihood that you’ll be able to find and keep good employment that will provide for your family? If so, then Utah is a great state to … Continue reading

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Cast a skeptical eye on Medicaid economic impact predictions

Tweet This is the third of three blog posts discussing the findings of a recent state-funded report on the impacts of Utah’s pending decision on Medicaid expansion. See the other two posts here and here. A recent state-funded analysis projected … Continue reading

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Redefining marriage: good for business?

Tweet Here’s an anecdote to add to the discussion over redefining marriage. The Blaze reported on an article from Chief Executive magazine listing the “Best and Worst States for Business.” The top states are: Texas Florida North Carolina Tennessee Indiana … Continue reading

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The young and the liberal

Tweet The 2012 presidential election campaign was framed as a choice between a former governor who knows how to get the economy producing good jobs (the Romney line) but is unacceptable in character and experience (the Obama line), and a … Continue reading

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One reason why liberal economic policies haven’t led to a strong recovery

Tweet For every economically beneficial project funded by “economic stimulus spending,” there is at least one economically wasteful project … such as the $423,500 of federal funding spent studying “barriers to condom use” as part of President Obama’s “economic stimulus” … Continue reading

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Growth: The new Conservative vision?

Tweet The Weekly Standard recently posted a pair of articles about the need of the GOP to craft a policy and political agenda centered on “growth.” The authors focus on economic growth, but they focus on how that growth improves … Continue reading

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What a liberal ‘economic recovery’ feels like

Tweet Technically, the so-called “Great Recession” ended in June 2009. So does it feel like an “economic recovery” to you? Fortunately for many Utahns – in part due to the generally conservative public policies put in place by Utah policymakers … Continue reading

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Interim Day at the Legislature: Utah's energy economy

Tweet Energy production and development (especially fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas) are valuable parts of Utah’s economy, according to a report that the governor’s energy adviser gave to the Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment Interim Committee. … Continue reading

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In context, liberal economic policies are still killing jobs

Tweet When considering what the dismal economic facts and realities of today mean for liberal economic policies and liberal thinking in general, one criticism I have encountered is a lack of consideration of the economic context in which those policies … Continue reading

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Prospects for a humming future in the Beehive State

Tweet A recent publication by the Gallup organization is the latest to suggest a humming future for the Beehive State. In “Utah Poised to Be the Best U.S. State to Live In,” Dan Witters reports that the state leads all … Continue reading

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Liberal economic policies are killing jobs (part 2)

Tweet As a follow-up to a previous blog post about how liberal public policies on a federal level are contributing to the pitiful number of job opportunities for low- and middle-income families since the end of the recession in 2009, … Continue reading

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Big government, big business are 2 sides of the same coin

Tweet Conservatives are often accused of being the friend of Big Business because of their support of free markets. The irony of this argument, however, is that in reality it is Big Government – the child of most liberal policies … Continue reading

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Liberal economic policies are killing jobs

Tweet A conservative blog recently looked at data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on the “employment-population ratio” (EPR), which measures the percentage of America’s working age population that is actually employed – a good measure of the strength of … Continue reading

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How marriage affects the economy

Tweet What do personal choices regarding marriage have to do with the economy? Quite a bit, according to a number of studies. Take a look at this report, a synthesis of recent research regarding marriage and the economy, which Sutherland … Continue reading

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