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Liberal fantasies and the promise of conservative common sense

Tweet A family devastated when a parent comes home with news that they’ve lost their job. Human dignity crushed under the weight of multi-year unemployment. Hope for a better financial future slowly drained away by a seemingly endless drought of … Continue reading

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A little more ‘smart growth’ might smart a lot

Tweet Ever notice how often obnoxious ideas are given innocuous names? The Affordable Care Act, it turns out, doesn’t promote affordability or care. “Global warming” suddenly became “climate change” when the world’s thermometers inconveniently stopped cooperating with the alarmist meme. … Continue reading

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Detroit asks: Who is John Galt?

Tweet Detroit once had the highest per-capita income of any city in the world. Yet today it stands bankrupt and abandoned. What happened to the once-great city? While there were many factors in its decline, some of the major influences … Continue reading

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Of bacon and bad policy

Tweet Why do our fearless leaders in Washington continually claim that middle class jobs are their top priority while incessantly inflicting job-killing policies on us? I don’t think it’s an accident or an evil plot (well, not always anyway), but … Continue reading

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Hey kid, want to go from rags to riches? Move to S.L.

Tweet Where do you think a child from a low-income family would have the best chance of moving into the upper 20 percent of the “national income distribution”? New York? Seattle? Las Vegas? It’s the Salt Lake City metro area. … Continue reading

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‘Progressive’ policies still sapping the economy

Tweet I have documented on this blog a set of facts to argue that liberal public policies are undermining recovery of the economy, effectively depriving millions of people, especially low-income families, of gainful employment that would increase their income and … Continue reading

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Keeping petrodollars at home – and out of tyrants’ hands

Tweet Imagine a world freed from the extortive effects of energy dependence. Advanced democracies wouldn’t be obliged to prop up petty tyrants who abuse their subjects and scoff at civil society. Hate-filled despots intent upon exporting violence and imposing their … Continue reading

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Minimum wage hike is a way to abdicate responsibility

Tweet Earlier this month I wrote a brief post explaining why raising the minimum wage is a dumb idea from an economic perspective and harms the very people it’s supposed to help. In a nutshell, setting an arbitrary minimum wage … Continue reading

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New report: Energy development on federal lands could add $6.7B to Utah’s economy

Tweet A report released today by the Sutherland Institute Center for Self-Government in the West finds that, based on high-, medium-, and low-usage scenarios, the state’s economy could add between about $1.2 billion and $6.7 billion and 9,400 to 58,000 … Continue reading

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A bitter harvest for Obama voters

Tweet Stephen Moore, a member of The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board, recently wrote an article highlighting a troubling irony: Those who most ardently supported President Obama have suffered the most during his presidency. Young voters, single women, those with … Continue reading

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Fast food strike = economic ignorance

Tweet Sometimes I just have to marvel at the total lack of common sense and disregard for basic economic principles often shown by people in the grievance industry when they throw their little hissy fits. The latest example was the … Continue reading

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Fracking is good for Utah

Tweet So what’s all the fuss about fracking? Its most vocal opponents charge that fracking will burn your water, pollute your air, and cause the very ground to shift beneath you. The oil and gas industry, and many of those … Continue reading

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Immigration benefits both immigrants and working-class Americans, study says

Tweet Some have argued that modern-day immigrants – referring to Mexican immigrants who are “low skilled” – are harmful to working families because they take away jobs from working-class families. Recent research suggests the opposite is in fact the case, … Continue reading

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Models of climate-change costs are ‘completely made up,’ MIT economist says

Tweet Don’t just be skeptical of climate change models. Be skeptical of the predicted costs of climate change, too. Recently, I wrote a post arguing that observed temperature data support skepticism of the climate change models that many on the … Continue reading

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Rico’s immigrant founder using his success to help others

Tweet Here’s a great example of private charity – made possible by a Mexican immigrant who arrived in Utah, got to work and created a successful business. Now he’s helping feed the hungry with the assistance of volunteers on bikes. … Continue reading

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