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Dueling perspectives on the minimum legal drinking age

Here’s the opinion-based conjecture perspective (provided by Camille Paglia and Time): A drinking age of 21 is responsible for … Making the U.S. like Third World countries The global drug trade Cruelty to young people College binge drinking Date rape … Continue reading

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Testimony on HB 338 (Alcohol Beverage License Amendments)

Testimony presented by Derek Monson, director of public policy, Sutherland Institute, on Feb. 14 before the House Revenue and Taxation Standing Committee of the Utah Legislature regarding HB 338 – Alcohol Beverage License Amendments: Thank you Mr. Chair and members … Continue reading

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‘A Defense of Utah’s “Zion Curtain”’

Although it is roundly mocked in the media and elsewhere, the so-called “Zion curtain” required in Utah restaurants helps prevent alcohol-related disasters and improve public safety. It does this by discouraging something that may be hard to measure but exists … Continue reading

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Put burden of proof on those who would liberalize liquor laws

This post is a transcript of a 4-minute weekly radio commentary aired on several Utah radio stations. Last year, a scholarly paper was presented at the Alcohol Policy 16 Conference explaining how restaurants can transform in all practical aspects into … Continue reading

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City Weekly’s querulous ‘fact-check’ article is short on fact-checking

In response to a news release, with accompanying videos, from the LDS Church on Utah’s alcohol control policies, City Weekly published an article claiming to “fact check” the church statement. Reading through the article, the odd thing about it is … Continue reading

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Screaming ‘no’ to reform ignores facts, research on alcohol and driving

Editor’s note: The Salt Lake Tribune published a version of this op-ed here. We are reposting this so that interested readers can view the citations. Alcohol is a merciless killer. Every 53 minutes, alcohol-impaired driving kills someone on the roads … Continue reading

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‘Catastrophically damaging’

According to “economic development” advocates, here’s what “catastrophically damaging” looks like when it comes to drinking in Utah: a few moments of awkward conversation about Utah’s liquor laws when a waiter has to explain to a customer at a restaurant … Continue reading

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Capitol Daily Video: repeal DUI checkpoints?

Watch our latest video report on a bill that would repeal DUI checkpoints in Utah. Representative David Butterfield (R – Logan), sponsor of HB 140, explains why he’s running the bill and Terry Keefe, chief of police in Layton explains … Continue reading

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