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Testimony on SB 171 (Student-Centered Learning Pilot Program)

Tweet Testimony presented Feb. 12 by Stan Rasmussen, director of public affairs, Sutherland Institute, before the Senate Education Standing Committee of the Utah Legislature regarding SB 171 – Student-Centered Learning Pilot Program: Thank you, Mr. Chair, and good afternoon, Senators. … Continue reading

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Meet this 13-year-old and his #hackschooling revolution

Tweet Thirteen-year-old Logan LaPlante has two big goals for when he grows up. He wants to be healthy and happy, and he figures his education should play a serious part in that effort. He has crafted his education to include … Continue reading

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Will digital learning save U. students hundreds on textbooks?

Tweet According to a recent Salt Lake Tribune article, a student leadership group at the University of Utah is looking into using “open-source textbooks,” which can be downloaded and used by students for free, as a possible way to save … Continue reading

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How digital learning can save a student’s education

Tweet Do you want a plan to give second chances to children who struggle to learn? To empower children struck by tragedy (e.g., a major injury or illness) to continue their education? To provide advanced learners the chance to reach … Continue reading

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Digital learning summit: How ‘blended learning’ works

Tweet Blended learning is an education strategy that combines aspects of digital learning and a more traditional school setting. It offers superb flexibility and high quality to students who use it. And it’s happening right now in Utah’s public school … Continue reading

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Video: Digital learning shakes up the factory model

Tweet One of the main problems with traditional education is the factory model it uses for grouping and advancing students through grade levels. This model leaves little room for individualization, customization, pace adjustment and other unique needs and circumstances. Digital … Continue reading

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How Utah’s universities are exploring digital learning potential

Tweet We have blogged regularly here about the many ways that digital learning is improving public education across the country by creating educational opportunities customized to the needs of individual children, and by focusing teachers’ time on one-on-one teaching rather … Continue reading

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'Roam school': the future of education

Tweet A first-person story in the Wall Street Journal points out the exciting developments in homeschooling and digital learning and the growing possibilities of being able to “mix and match” different options to create the best K-12 schooling for our … Continue reading

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Flipping the classroom – and the results

Tweet Imagine a classroom where one teacher is able to give every student individual instruction to help meet academic needs and build on each student’s interests. Imagine a school where students don’t fall through the cracks and parents actively participate … Continue reading

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Digital learning sparks excitement at Utah Connections Academy

Tweet Thanks to digital learning, more children in Utah are gaining access to the highest-quality teachers and curriculum possible. Watch this video report on Utah Connections Academy to learn how this digital learning program is benefiting students: Here’s the script … Continue reading

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New report: 8 ways to enhance digital learning in Utah schools

Tweet Digital learning is transforming K-12 schooling in Utah – whether through fully digital courses available from the Statewide Online Education Program, district programs or charter schools, or through “blended learning” models that incorporate aspects of digital learning into a … Continue reading

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Harvard classes for Utah students? Yes, and they’ll be free

Tweet Would you like your children to take college classes from Harvard – free? Thanks to digital learning, now they can. Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) recently announced a nonprofit partnership called edX. The purpose of … Continue reading

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Carpe Diem: digital learning in action

Tweet The Legislature passed a bill this year that will encourage the growth of digital learning in Utah’s public schools and help improve the quality of digital courses. You can learn more about this bill here. As the Statewide Online … Continue reading

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Capitol Daily Video: changes to Statewide Online Education Program

Tweet Senator Howard Stephenson (R-Draper) is sponsoring a bill that would make improvements to the state’s digital learning program, which has already found success. Watch this video report to learn more about SB 178: What do you think? Is the … Continue reading

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Debunking the myths (and outright lies) about digital learning

Tweet   Though digital learning is growing rapidly across the country, including here in Utah, many people have little to no interaction with it and so are unfamiliar with what it is and what it isn’t. This allows supporters of … Continue reading

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