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Behind the Legislative Scorecard – Mero Moment, 4/1/14

Tweet This post is a transcript of a 4-minute weekly radio commentary aired on several Utah radio stations. About 10 years ago, when Sutherland Institute made it a part of our mission to “constructively influence Utah’s decision makers,” we were … Continue reading

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Sutherland releases 2014 Legislative Scorecard and Lifetime Legislator Scores

Tweet SALT LAKE CITY – Sutherland Institute released today its 2014 Legislative Scorecard. Using 17 pieces of legislation considered during the 2014 legislative session for the Senate and 18 for the House (not all bills overlap between chambers), Sutherland produced … Continue reading

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Twice as good, half as well, never enough

Tweet Is it more important to stand on principle, or get while the getting is good? Is settling for half a loaf selling out, or a step in the right direction? Does mixing metaphors like concrete weigh prose down, or … Continue reading

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Weakening the ‘old habits of decency’

Tweet A wonderfully stated warning regarding the effect of government largesse: A sentimental utilitarianism argued that prosperity would abolish sin. It was a shallow argument, ignorant of history; for had it been true, all rich men’s sons, these many centuries … Continue reading

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A vision of love and community

Tweet Here’s a great column in The Atlantic by Michael R. Strain on how love and community can save conservatism. Many on the right correctly emphasize individual liberty, but they do not emphasize what conservatism knows to be true: It … Continue reading

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The right thing to do: conservatives and comprehensive immigration reform

Tweet As the The Huffington Post reported recently, immigration reform will be at the top of the post-inauguration agenda for Senate Democrats, emboldened by last week’s elections. It is also critical for conservative Republicans to stand behind this central American … Continue reading

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Conservative ideas help balance conflicting interests in tax policy

Tweet One of the benefits for free society – for families, individuals, businesses, and others – that conservative principles and thinking provides is the possibility for balancing realities and principles that may seem to be in conflict, resembling the balancing … Continue reading

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Mero: Why I am a conservative and not a libertarian

Tweet Below are the opening and closing remarks delivered by Sutherland Institute President Paul Mero Thursday during the 2012 Freedom Fest held in Las Vegas. He was part of a debate on the topic of whether LDS Church members (Mormons) … Continue reading

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What Governor Walker’s recall victory means for Utah conservatives

Tweet Conservative policymakers are often pushed by advisers and insiders to avoid or abandon conservative policy positions because, the advisers and insiders argue, those policies will come back to haunt them in election season. Conservative voters, on the other hand, … Continue reading

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From ‘the greatest generation’ to ‘the greatest generational failure’

Tweet   Has the baby boom generation become one of the greatest failures in leadership in American history? Walter Russell Mead, himself a boomer, recently published a thought-provoking essay in regard to this question, and his answer seems to be … Continue reading

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