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Will California ‘split the child’?

The news is reporting on another troubling development from California, where the state Senate is considering a bill that would specifically allow the government to designate more than two “parents” for a child. Although radical, this idea is not entirely … Continue reading

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Protect marriage, protect life

The small and brave contingent of the University Faculty for Life was in Utah recently for their annual conference hosted this year at Brigham Young University. My presentation examined the linkages between the deconstruction of marriage as a social institution … Continue reading

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Children of the revolution

In a book review in The Family in America, I proposed an analogy: “Today’s young adults are undeniably well-off and thriving materially. They enjoy opportunities and resources unheard of, even among their boomer parents. In terms of family and moral … Continue reading

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Another strike against cohabitation: mom’s boyfriend can be deadly

This blog has noted previously some of the problems with a recent spate of stories purporting to show that cohabitation is not necessarily so bad (see here and here). Last week, the Deseret News ran a story reporting on yet … Continue reading

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The truth behind the misleading ‘shacking up’ headline

The headline on MSN tells you all you need to know about how the mainstream media sees family issues: “Shacking Up No Longer a Major Divorce Predictor: Yet another reason to live in sin.” The story reports on a new … Continue reading

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Treasure trove of new research on the family

  Those interested in family policy have an embarrassment of riches in new research reports issued over the last few months. Brad Wilcox of the University of Virginia, probably the premier family scholar in the United States, has updated the … Continue reading

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