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Thanks to Utah leaders for careful approach on climate politics

In “Herbert Catching Heat for Climate Change Stance,” (July 7, 2014, Utah Policy Daily), Bryan Schott shares the observation that “half of the nation’s Republican governors are climate change deniers, including Utah Gov. Gary Herbert.” To which an appropriate response … Continue reading

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Surprise! CO2 is projected to generate $9.8 trillion in benefits

Here are three important numbers for you: 140, 3.2, and 9.8. The first number is the number of billions of dollars ($140B) in benefit that carbon dioxide added to global crop production in 2011. The second is how many trillions … Continue reading

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Let’s have a dialogue about unreliable climate change models

The following post is a transcript of a 4-minute weekly radio commentary aired on several Utah radio stations. One of the things we try to do at Sutherland Institute is encourage an honest dialogue. Opinions are often a part of … Continue reading

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Models of climate-change costs are ‘completely made up,’ MIT economist says

Don’t just be skeptical of climate change models. Be skeptical of the predicted costs of climate change, too. Recently, I wrote a post arguing that observed temperature data support skepticism of the climate change models that many on the left … Continue reading

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Data still support skepticism of climate change models

For years, Sutherland Institute has encouraged policymakers to maintain a healthy skepticism – a scientific skepticism, even – of theoretical climate projections based on man-made climate models. This skepticism is warranted based on the fact that actual, observed data (especially … Continue reading

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Whew! ‘Global warming’ saved us from global cooling

In a New York Times article highlighting a recent climate study which found that global temperatures are the highest they’ve been in at least 4,000 years, there was an interesting quote from the author of the study, also highlighted, in … Continue reading

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A warmer planet needs cool-headed adaption

Just for a moment, let’s set aside the war over “global warming.” Whether you blame humans, cows, the sun, the natural cycles of the earth, or hot air from politicians for the planet’s temperature, let’s just look at the options … Continue reading

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