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Capitol Daily Memo: DCFS working to provide more in-home services, send fewer kids to foster care

Tweet A few days ago, we highlighted an audit of the state’s Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) performed by Utah’s Office of the Legislative Auditor General. During today’s Judiciary Interim Committee meeting, DCFS reported on the progress it … Continue reading

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Children of the revolution

Tweet In a book review in The Family in America, I proposed an analogy: “Today’s young adults are undeniably well-off and thriving materially. They enjoy opportunities and resources unheard of, even among their boomer parents. In terms of family and … Continue reading

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Another strike against cohabitation: mom’s boyfriend can be deadly

Tweet This blog has noted previously some of the problems with a recent spate of stories purporting to show that cohabitation is not necessarily so bad (see here and here). Last week, the Deseret News ran a story reporting on … Continue reading

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Penn State insanity calls for radical surgery

Tweet   The Pennsylvania State University Board of Trustees should have announced cancellation of the football team’s Saturday game at the same time they fired Coach Joe Paterno and the university president. Further, the appropriate response to this unfolding atrocity, … Continue reading

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Brazilians put brakes on babies

Tweet   September’s issue of National Geographic included a feature on “Brazil’s Girl Power,” detailing how Brazil’s fertility rate has slid from 6.3 children per women in 1960 to 1.9 in 2009 – a lightning-quick change in the world of … Continue reading

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Family fragmentation in Australia

Tweet   A new report from Professor Patrick Parkinson at the University of Sydney powerfully catalogs the terrible toll family disintegration is having in Australia. The report, “For Kids’ Sake: Repairing the Social Environment for Australian Children and Young People,” … Continue reading

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