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9/11 and your shoes

“Look down at your shoes. Could you break into a run in those if you needed to?” So begins a post at The Foundry reflecting on the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Click here to read it. As it … Continue reading

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Is America’s high unemployment ‘the new normal’?

The most recent recession has created a difficult, if not dire, employment problem for millions of Americans, and thousands of Utahns. As an illustration, after the national unemployment rate fell from about 6 percent in January 2003 to under 5 … Continue reading

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The Iron Lady’s legacy

The legendary Margaret Thatcher, former prime minister of Britain, has died at age 87. The Iron Lady led Britain through the 1980s, bringing unions to heel, producing a dramatic turnaround in the British economy, and working with U.S. President Ronald … Continue reading

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2013 Legislature video: Buzzing around the Capitol

Here’s a fun one-minute time lapse of what goes on inside and outside the Utah Senate and House Chambers during the session — set to Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee”! httpv://    

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Season’s greetings

We’d like to wish you a merry and peaceful Christmas and New Year. Look for our blog posts to resume starting Jan. 3. – Sutherland Institute staff

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2013 Sutherland Institute Legislative Policy Conference

Join Utah’s decision-makers as they engage in robust dialogue about pressing issues facing the 2013 Utah State Legislature. Click the image below to register for the 2013 Sutherland Institute Legislative Policy Conference. Seating is very limited, so register today!

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Sutherland giveaway: Win tickets to see O’Reilly and Miller

Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller are coming to Salt Lake on Dec. 8, and we’ve got tickets! Sign up here to enter to win two tickets to their Bolder and Fresher Tour 2012. Bill O’Reilly, godfather of “no spin” and … Continue reading

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Video: Digital learning shakes up the factory model

One of the main problems with traditional education is the factory model it uses for grouping and advancing students through grade levels. This model leaves little room for individualization, customization, pace adjustment and other unique needs and circumstances. Digital learning, … Continue reading

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Mobbing Hobby Lobby

Remember the Chick-fil-A controversy? Now it looks like some progressives are put out that Hobby Lobby is challenging the great wisdom of Obamacare. Fox News says: A Christian-owned chain of hobby shops is facing a bitter backlash after suing the … Continue reading

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Helen Gurley Brown and the American family

Helen Gurley Brown’s death last week was followed by a number of laudatory stories about her trail-blazing career at Cosmopolitan magazine. Undoubtedly she was successful, measured by influence and money. But I find it hard to lionize her career or … Continue reading

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How Utah’s universities are exploring digital learning potential

We have blogged regularly here about the many ways that digital learning is improving public education across the country by creating educational opportunities customized to the needs of individual children, and by focusing teachers’ time on one-on-one teaching rather than … Continue reading

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The fundamental problem with 'anti-discrimination' ordinances

When we strip away all the back-and-forth between opposing opinions, anti-discrimination ordinances designed to protect homosexuals in the workplace and housing boil down to one thing: Sexual orientation absent sexual behavior is not provable. Hence, laws designed to protect vagaries … Continue reading

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Playing chicken with religious liberty

Hopefully many readers have been to Chick-fil-A recently. After the company’s president expressed his belief that marriage is the union of a husband and wife, four big town mayors have threatened to prevent the company from doing business in their … Continue reading

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The strings attached to federal welfare programs

When you receive an email “informing” you that you’ve won a lottery you never entered, or that a widow from an exotic nation wants to give you the money from her deceased husband’s estate, do you reply? Some people do, … Continue reading

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Study finds climate has cooled over past 2 millennia

Have you noticed, like some others have, that global warming advocates have begun popping up everywhere to tell us how the temperatures, wildfires, and windstorms of this summer are a result of global warming? These explanations usually follow along the … Continue reading

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