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Where your tax dollars are going … and what you’re (not) getting in return

Tweet A reminder of where your federal income tax dollars are going … and what you’re (not) getting in return.  Happy tax day. Graph courtesy of this Cato Institute policy report.

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Filing taxes? Utah’s burden is 2nd highest among Mountain States

Tweet This time of year, most Utahns’ minds turn toward thoughts of … their state and federal income taxes. During the joyful process of filing a tax return, it is natural (and healthy for the sake of freedom) to be … Continue reading

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Utah through a taxpayer’s eyes

Tweet According to a recent Salt Lake Tribune article: Utah residents pay the 14th lowest taxes in the nation, or the 10th lowest if adjusted for cost of living The average Utah taxpayer pays $6,069 in taxes (state and local) … Continue reading

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The lowdown on Social Security

Tweet Many politicians talk of a Social Security trust fund, some even calling it a “lockbox.” This evokes images of a giant vault full of money stacked to the ceiling, or perhaps a huge savings account holding onto cash for … Continue reading

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Dwight Howard, the Lakers, the Rockets and state tax policy

Tweet The Wall Street Journal highlights yet another example of how state policy (in this case, tax policy) has real implications. Los Angeles Laker big man Dwight Howard is the NBA’s most prominent free agent this off season and is … Continue reading

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Take a look at the taxman’s tax map: How does Utah compare?

Tweet How do Utah’s income tax rates compare to those in neighboring states, or states in other regions? Is Utah’s sales tax burden higher than other states’? What kind of tax (sales, income, property, etc.) does Utah government rely on … Continue reading

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What a liberal ‘economic recovery’ feels like

Tweet Technically, the so-called “Great Recession” ended in June 2009. So does it feel like an “economic recovery” to you? Fortunately for many Utahns – in part due to the generally conservative public policies put in place by Utah policymakers … Continue reading

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Utah tax revenue leans heavily on income, consumption

Tweet According to a new Tax Foundation analysis of Census Bureau data on state and local government tax revenues, state and local governments in Utah rely more on individual and corporate income taxes and sales taxes, and less on property … Continue reading

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Conservative ideas help balance conflicting interests in tax policy

Tweet One of the benefits for free society – for families, individuals, businesses, and others – that conservative principles and thinking provides is the possibility for balancing realities and principles that may seem to be in conflict, resembling the balancing … Continue reading

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Why Orem residents are right to fight UTOPIA tax sneakiness

Tweet Deseret News columnist Doug Robinson sums up perfectly why Orem residents are pushing back against new taxes to pay for UTOPIA. More than 5,000 Orem residents signed a petition to force a property-tax referendum in November 2013. That means … Continue reading

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Response to an angry UTOPIA

Tweet After much citizen input from a historically attended Orem City Council meeting on the evening of Aug. 14 (and into the wee hours of the morning on Aug. 15) to decide the fate of a proposed 50 percent increase … Continue reading

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Positive signs for Orem taxpayers after 8-hour tax hearing

Tweet After an eight-hour Truth in Taxation Hearing, the Orem City Council voted 4-3 at 1:45 this morning to approve a 25 percent property tax increase for the Orem portion of the property tax bill, instead of the proposed 50 … Continue reading

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State tax revenue update shows a “marginally” improving economy and outlook

Tweet The latest tax revenue estimates reported to the Legislature’s Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee today showed that general and education fund revenues (mostly sales & use tax and personal/corporate income taxes, respectively) for fiscal year 2011 came in $80 … Continue reading

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Video: Tax Freedom Day in Utah

Tweet In 2012, Utahns had to work 107 days to earn enough to pay all their federal, state and local taxes for the year. If all those earnings had gone straight to taxes, then beginning today, Utahns would get to … Continue reading

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$21 Million for Rec Center? Springville Voters to Decide

Tweet   Springville residents will soon vote on whether to approve a $21 million tax-funded bond to build a public recreation center. What impact would this bond and rec center have on Springville taxpayers, businesses and families? Watch this video … Continue reading

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