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Playing chicken with farmers’ livelihoods

Tweet The Salt Lake Tribune recently ran a story about how federal meat processing regulations recently stopped a local natural-chicken farming operation from processing the chickens of other small chicken farming operations, leaving no way for these latter farms to … Continue reading

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A little more ‘smart growth’ might smart a lot

Tweet Ever notice how often obnoxious ideas are given innocuous names? The Affordable Care Act, it turns out, doesn’t promote affordability or care. “Global warming” suddenly became “climate change” when the world’s thermometers inconveniently stopped cooperating with the alarmist meme. … Continue reading

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Of bacon and bad policy

Tweet Why do our fearless leaders in Washington continually claim that middle class jobs are their top priority while incessantly inflicting job-killing policies on us? I don’t think it’s an accident or an evil plot (well, not always anyway), but … Continue reading

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Massive regulatory costs hamper the current ‘recovery’

Tweet This chart is worth a thousand words: The regulatory costs of the first terms of President Clinton (1993-1996) and President George W. Bush (2001-2004) also occurred during economic recoveries, after recessions in 1991 and 2001, respectively. And, perhaps not … Continue reading

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What makes for reasonable gun regulation?

Tweet Listen to the audio here:   The following post is a transcript of a 4-minute weekly radio commentary aired on several Utah radio stations. I’ve possessed a concealed carry permit for over five years now. I believe in the … Continue reading

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Guest post: No regulation is sometimes the best option

Tweet Note: Sutherland Daily occasionally publishes guest posts that we think add to a constructive discussion of various issues. However, the views expressed in these commentaries do not necessarily represent Sutherland Institute’s position. When regulation is imposed there is almost … Continue reading

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Corporate political giving doesn’t pay, unless …

Tweet A recently highlighted study on corporate political donations from researchers at Rice University, to be published soon in an issue of Strategic Management Journal, reported some interesting results. From a press release about the study: [The researchers] found that … Continue reading

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S.L. has enough room for a convention, but not enough cabs? Hmm …

Tweet In a recent KSL article about the Outdoor Retailer show possibly relocating outside Salt Lake, the head of Visit Salt Lake said the following: Salt Lake has enough hotel rooms and convention floor space, but Outdoor Retailer wants 900 … Continue reading

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Running into a pileup of vehicle fees

Tweet   Welcome to the wonderful world of vehicle titling and registration. I recently had the pleasure of running this perilous gantlet when I bought an old grocery-getter of a car, and my wallet is $263 lighter as a consequence. … Continue reading

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Cutting through the red tape

Tweet   Has the size and intrusiveness of government got you singing the holiday blues? You’re not alone. Fortunately the state has seen the writing on the wall and has proposed a list of changes to regulations in order to … Continue reading

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Should government choose which cab you can take?

Tweet   Should government determine how many taxicabs can operate in a city? Should it charge cabdrivers thousands of dollars for the “privilege” of offering cab service? That’s exactly what Salt Lake City is doing, and Yellow Cab has decided … Continue reading

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Looser alcohol laws: a losing proposition

Tweet   Take a moment and go through a quick thought experiment with me. Let’s say the Utah Association of Snake Oil Businesses came to your community and asked that you loosen regulations on selling legal forms of snake oil. … Continue reading

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Untangling the politics of hair braiding

Tweet   Hair braiding. Why would the state Legislature spend even a minute worrying about hair braiding? Representative Holly Richardson is wondering the same thing. As it stands, hair braiding is regulated by state government. It seems that it’s an … Continue reading

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Utah’s fuel act: Helping gas stations at your expense?

Tweet   Many people – citizens and lawmakers – would think it ridiculous for government to prohibit R.C. Willey from giving away hot dogs and soda Saturday mornings as an enticement for passers-by to look at furniture. They might also … Continue reading

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A license for hair braiding?

Tweet   Should Utahns have to obtain a state license to do landscape architecture, paint nails or braid hair? The state currently requires professionals in these fields, and many others, to obtain a license to work here legally. Some state … Continue reading

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