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Sutherland’s new one-stop shop for political news

You don’t have to spend half your day hunting for conservative news on the Internet. Now you can keep up on political news – national and statewide – through Sutherland’s Facebook page. From the main page at, click on … Continue reading

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Social issues divide the parties – especially in Utah

Former Alabama Governor George Wallace is famous for saying in 1968 that there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats. Today we hear the same thing from libertarians such as Ron Paul. Certainly on fiscal issues over … Continue reading

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Don’t vote blindly on judges: Here’s where to find information

In all even-numbered years, Utahns have the opportunity to choose whether judges should keep their jobs for another term in office. In the 2010 election, many voters were frustrated by the lack of useful information about the judges on whom … Continue reading

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Behind progressives’ fixation with easy voting

A state judge has temporarily struck down parts of a Pennsylvania law requiring voters to show approved identification at their polling places. The state law requires all voters to show a picture ID prior to voting. This new court decision … Continue reading

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LDS Democrats still trying to reconcile opposing values

In the Sept. 16 edition of the Deseret News was a commentary about Latter-day Saints in Utah who have joined the Democratic Party. So novel is this concept that they held a press conference during the Democratic National Convention to … Continue reading

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Corporate political giving doesn’t pay, unless …

A recently highlighted study on corporate political donations from researchers at Rice University, to be published soon in an issue of Strategic Management Journal, reported some interesting results. From a press release about the study: [The researchers] found that firms’ … Continue reading

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Is compromise good?

The announcement by Senator Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) early this year that she would not run for re-election to the Senate, and her subsequent op-ed in the Washington Post, gave me a chance to think about compromise. To oversimplify her editorial, … Continue reading

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Three steps to becoming a more informed voter

The June 26 primary election is just around the corner. If you don’t know who or what will be on your ballot, then it’s time to find out. Fortunately, the state of Utah has a great resource for you to … Continue reading

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What Governor Walker’s recall victory means for Utah conservatives

Conservative policymakers are often pushed by advisers and insiders to avoid or abandon conservative policy positions because, the advisers and insiders argue, those policies will come back to haunt them in election season. Conservative voters, on the other hand, are … Continue reading

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Video: Delegates at 2012 GOP convention

On Saturday, some 4,000 delegates gathered to determine which Republican candidates will advance to represent the party in this year’s general elections in November. We attended the convention and asked state delegates at random the following questions: “What is the … Continue reading

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Watch today’s gubernatorial debate courtesy of Sutherland

Today we live-streamed a debate between Governor Gary Herbert and his Republican challengers. They discussed issues ranging from jobs to public lands to health care and more. You can watch a recording of the debate, which was hosted by the … Continue reading

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Watch Senate, gubernatorial debates courtesy of Sutherland

Last night we live-streamed a U.S. Senate Republican debate between Senator Orrin Hatch, Representative Chris Herrod and former State Senator Dan Liljenquist. You can watch a recording of the debate, hosted by the Republican Women of Utah Valley and Utah … Continue reading

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‘A torrent of angry and malignant passions’

  One of the timeless features of great figures, including America’s Founding Fathers, is their ability to understand and articulate the nature of the human race. Their observations are, thus, applicable to any age and almost any situation. An example: … Continue reading

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Utah redistricting ‘a crime against humanity’? Really?

  In the Daily Herald’s opinion, “The Utah Legislature has committed a crime against humanity” in the Legislature’s redistricting process. I Googled “crimes against humanity.” I found these stories: Funny, I didn’t find anything about … Continue reading

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Why Democrats can only sing the redistricting blues

  Just a quick thought about the Utah redistricting kerfuffle. The key point, in my mind, is not the process the state Republicans are using to come out with the map. That is an issue, and it is debatable, but, … Continue reading

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