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Before you vote, take these 3 easy steps

Tweet Here are three easy steps to help you decide whom and what to vote for. Besides the major federal, state and county office candidates, your ballot can include choices for judges, amendments to the Utah Constitution and county propositions. … Continue reading

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Away with the speed traps!

Tweet What would you do if you were king or queen for a day in Utah? If you could make any decision to create any law or repeal any law or pass any regulation you want, what one thing would … Continue reading

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Positive signs for Orem taxpayers after 8-hour tax hearing

Tweet After an eight-hour Truth in Taxation Hearing, the Orem City Council voted 4-3 at 1:45 this morning to approve a 25 percent property tax increase for the Orem portion of the property tax bill, instead of the proposed 50 … Continue reading

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Isn’t a dollar still a dollar?

Tweet   While waiting in an excessively long line in the grocery store the other day, I overheard a little girl say to her mom, “Can I have this? It’s just a dollar.” The girl’s mother didn’t respond. But the … Continue reading

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Overspending will kill your Christmas cheer

Tweet   “Christmas is the season when you buy this year’s gifts with next year’s money.” -Unknown With the holidays nearly upon us, I was thinking about all the good memories I have about Christmas and the good feelings associated … Continue reading

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The gift of self-reliance, stitch by stitch

Tweet   My 10-year-old daughter just presented my husband and me with a Christmas wish list in the form of a letter: Dear Mom and/or Dad, Please, please, please get me a sewing kit for Christmas. I dearly want a … Continue reading

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When Tiger Woods’ values disintegrated, so did his world

Tweet   Tiger Woods recently announced that he and his longtime caddie Steve Williams parted ways. Williams’ departure is simply the latest in the stream of friends, family members and corporate partners who have left in the wake of Woods’ … Continue reading

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Video games, parental rights and double standards

Tweet   Reactions to the Supreme Court ruling that struck down a California law regulating the sale of violent games to minors strike me as interesting, to say the least. Regardless of where one stands on this particular ruling, it … Continue reading

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‘Free’ lunch for all Utah children this summer – at your expense

Tweet   This summer, many government schools (and parks and rec centers) in Utah are offering free meals to anyone under age 18 who shows up, regardless of their need, using federal tax dollars. Check out this video report to … Continue reading

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Utah tax dollars used to treat drunken drivers

Tweet By law, DUI offenders in Utah must complete an assessment to determine whether they need substance abuse treatment. In many cases, Assessment & Referral Services (ARS) at the University of Utah provides this evaluation free of charge, at a … Continue reading

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Fighting Addiction: The Individual, Family, Community and Government

Tweet A recent tragedy in my extended family has spurred some thoughts regarding addiction. A relative of ours overdosed on drugs. It’s not clear whether it was intentional or if it was a “hot” batch of drugs that took his … Continue reading

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