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Utah Democratic chairman’s minority behavior is no surprise

  I worked in Washington,D.C., on Capitol Hill from 1987 to 1997 – pre- and post-Gingrich “revolution.” I began my political career in the minority. Democrats had controlled the House of Representatives for more than 60 years before the 1994 … Continue reading

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Why has no one replicated America?

  Here’s a question: If America’s Constitution, Bill of Rights, system of government and free market economy are the best solutions humankind has ever conjured to govern itself, why has no other country closely replicated our systems and, correspondingly, our … Continue reading

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Cicero, natural law, and why you can’t marry a plant

  Have you ever wondered why certain things seem to make sense while others just don’t seem right? Why, for instance, do humans get great pleasure out of relationships with each other yet struggle to find any common bond with, … Continue reading

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Mero Moment: Bullies and Discipline

Listen to this week’s Mero Moment below: httpv:// You can also read the text and subscribe to the Mero Moment Podcast.

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Utah Women Symposium Event To Discuss The Media And Your Family

On Thursday, March 24, Sutherland Institute and the Utah Women Symposium are holding an event at Thanksgiving Point: The Media and Your Family. Details about the schedule for the event are presented in the flier below. Speakers will include: Ken … Continue reading

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Mero Moment: The Nanny State

httpv:// In this week’s Mero Moment, Paul Mero discusses the out-of-control nanny state, referring to the story of a South Jordan woman who was cited by police with endangering her child after she let the young boy walk to and … Continue reading

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Winners announced in Sutherland Institute transparency contest

We received a lot of great entries in’s “Most Obscure Board” contest. Spencer Hall was the winner of our $100 prize by identifying the “American Fork City Egg Farm Economic Development Project Area Taxing Entity Committee” as one of … Continue reading

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