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Self-Government in Utah

“A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.” – Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson’s quote encapsulates Sutherland Institute’s philosophy about government. The government that governs least is the government that governs best. A limited government promotes freedom and encourages innovations. Economic growth arrives when government gets out of the way and allows the free market to flourish. The founding fathers were right; self-government is the best policy.

Although Utah ranks favorably in tax and spending growth, there are still areas where we can reduce regulation and encourage personal freedom.

Sutherland Institute is dedicated to promoting the virtues of self-government. Come back to this page to learn about the latest political news and analysis.

Running into a pileup of vehicle fees

  Welcome to the wonderful world of vehicle titling and registration. I recently had the pleasure of running this perilous gantlet when I bought an old grocery-getter of a car, and my wallet is $263 lighter as a consequence. What … Continue reading

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Americans’ fear of big government grows

  The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) crowd claims to represent 99 percent of Americans in “fighting back against the corrosive power of major banks and multinational corporations.” It turns out that Americans are far less concerned about big business than … Continue reading

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If you give an occupier a cookie

  Growing up one of my favorite stories to read was “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” The book’s simple illustrations and the ingenuity the young boy used to accommodate the insatiable mouse made it a fun and enjoyable … Continue reading

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$21 Million for Rec Center? Springville Voters to Decide

  Springville residents will soon vote on whether to approve a $21 million tax-funded bond to build a public recreation center. What impact would this bond and rec center have on Springville taxpayers, businesses and families? Watch this video report … Continue reading

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Untangling the politics of hair braiding

  Hair braiding. Why would the state Legislature spend even a minute worrying about hair braiding? Representative Holly Richardson is wondering the same thing. As it stands, hair braiding is regulated by state government. It seems that it’s an issue … Continue reading

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Limited government = more jobs, higher incomes, better services

  Would you support an amendment to the Utah Constitution that means thousands more jobs for Utahns, lets Utah families keep more of their income, and ensures that important state government services are prepared for natural disasters or emergencies? An … Continue reading

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Utah’s fuel act: Helping gas stations at your expense?

  Many people – citizens and lawmakers – would think it ridiculous for government to prohibit R.C. Willey from giving away hot dogs and soda Saturday mornings as an enticement for passers-by to look at furniture. They might also object … Continue reading

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A herd of timid and industrious animals

  Nearly two centuries ago, French historian and political philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville described a potential future state that is a strikingly accurate description of our current era: I would like to imagine with what new traits despotism could be … Continue reading

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A license for hair braiding?

  Should Utahns have to obtain a state license to do landscape architecture, paint nails or braid hair? The state currently requires professionals in these fields, and many others, to obtain a license to work here legally. Some state legislators … Continue reading

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City regulations cut into homeowners’ options

  My husband and I had windows replaced in our basement the other day – all but two windows. Why leave them out? Because, according to the window-replacement company, if you replace basement windows – no matter the age of … Continue reading

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Next taxpayer-subsidized hotel: Salt Lake City?

  The hotel industry has been attracting many cities in Utah lately. West Valley City has already decided to loan $30 million to a private developer to build a hotel; Holladay wants Salt Lake County to loan it $450,000 to … Continue reading

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Why has no one replicated America?

  Here’s a question: If America’s Constitution, Bill of Rights, system of government and free market economy are the best solutions humankind has ever conjured to govern itself, why has no other country closely replicated our systems and, correspondingly, our … Continue reading

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Cicero, natural law, and why you can’t marry a plant

  Have you ever wondered why certain things seem to make sense while others just don’t seem right? Why, for instance, do humans get great pleasure out of relationships with each other yet struggle to find any common bond with, … Continue reading

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Today’s government-bungled finances echo economist’s warning of 65 years ago

  Standard & Poor’s recent decision to downgrade the credit rating of the United States government from AAA to AA+ contributed to the biggest drop of the Dow Jones Industrial Average since December 2008. Gross national debt is at $14.5 … Continue reading

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Salt Lake City golf courses in the rough

When a golf course falls on hard times, then what? If the golf course is privately owned, the owners figure out the answers, or they lose their business. They alone are responsible for covering their financial obligations or finding private … Continue reading

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