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Op-ed: The House has got dating all wrong

There is an axiom that Utah culture is only a decade, perhaps even only a few years, behind a broader American culture in decline. Recently, as the Utah House of Representatives debated the Dating Violence Protection Act, HB50, further evidence … Continue reading

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Stuck inside a selfish box

The following post is a transcript of a four-minute weekly radio commentary aired on several Utah radio stations: For nearly eight years, Jim Ferrell has been a part of Sutherland Institute’s Transcend Series of lectures and classes. We created the … Continue reading

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Smoking, dating, and competing rights

The following post is a transcript of a weekly radio commentary aired on several Utah radio stations: Well into the new legislative session, already we see signs that state legislators struggle to discern first principles from ideological preferences and where … Continue reading

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Interim Day: Don’t call HB 148 a ‘land grab’ – Utah has every right to control its land

Mid-November meetings of the Utah Legislature are traditionally the final regular monthly gatherings of interim committees prior to the full-time session that begins in January. The issues and proposals discussed foreshadow and prepare the way for the work legislators will … Continue reading

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Interim Day at the Legislature: Utah’s energy economy

Energy production and development (especially fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas) are valuable parts of Utah’s economy, according to a report that the governor’s energy adviser gave to the Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment Interim Committee. The … Continue reading

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Interim Day: Panel hears reports on government-centric economic development

In today’s Economic Development and Workforce Services Interim Committee meeting at the Utah State Capitol, the committee heard reports from various state government economic development agencies, including reports from the Office of Tourism and the Film Commission. The Office of … Continue reading

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Alimony, audits and adoption: family issues heard during Utah interim meetings

During last week’s interim day meetings, the legislature heard three family issues. The Judiciary Interim Committee listened to testimony about reforming alimony (brought to the Committee by Representative Fred Cox, R-West Valley City) which has been a Sutherland Institute priority. … Continue reading

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Utah government entities catalogue how they compete with the private sector

During yesterday’s interim meetings, the Legislature’s Political Subdivisions Interim Committee heard reports from representatives of higher education, K-12 public schools, counties, cities, and others about activities they participate in that potentially compete with the private sector and how they go … Continue reading

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State tax revenue update shows a “marginally” improving economy and outlook

The latest tax revenue estimates reported to the Legislature’s Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee today showed that general and education fund revenues (mostly sales & use tax and personal/corporate income taxes, respectively) for fiscal year 2011 came in $80 million … Continue reading

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Legislative committee considers giving cities authority to “earmark” property taxes for roads

Provo Mayor John Curtis proposed that the Legislature’s Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee enact a law allowing a city like Provo to dedicate a portion of their general property tax revenues to be spent only on roads during interim meetings … Continue reading

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How to look up a bill on the Legislature’s website

The state of Utah has an excellent legislative website. This site has a wealth of information available to responsible citizens … if you know where to find it. Today I want to go over the quickest way to find and … Continue reading

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Interim day: license plate scanning and Common Core

Today, the Utah Legislature held its first interim committee meetings of the year. These meetings occur once each month from May through November, except in July. Legislators address a range of issues, including ideas for future bills, implementation of past … Continue reading

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Sutherland hands out Legislative Scorecard for 2012

Sutherland Institute announced today its 2012 Legislative Scorecard. Using 12 pieces of legislation from the 2012 legislative session for the Senate score and 13 for the House, Sutherland produced an individual score for each legislator and an overall score for … Continue reading

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Would limits on number of bills improve Legislature’s work?

After six consecutive years of passing more bills than the year before, the Utah Legislature passed fewer bills this year. In 2012, lawmakers passed 478 bills (including resolutions) out of a total 891 bills filed – 26 fewer passed and … Continue reading

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Sutherland’s daily updates from the Hill begin

  During the 2012 legislative session, Sutherland Institute will provide insight and analysis of votes, meetings, debates, legislation and policy from a conservative perspective. The goal is to provide our readers with in-depth coverage of issues vital to them that … Continue reading

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