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Land Use in Utah

Land use and state rights is an important topic to Utah conservatives. Read through to learn more about this vital issue.

The downside (we hope) of hubris

Tweet Hubris  (hju·bris)  1. pride or arrogance 2. (in Greek tragedy) an excess of ambition, pride, etc., ultimately causing the transgressor’s ruin. Or, if you’d like a different definition: Headline: “Interior secretary says Obama may bypass Congress on monuments” And not … Continue reading

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Feds broke a promise to Utah on land ownership

Tweet The following post is a transcript of a 4-minute weekly radio commentary aired on several Utah radio stations. When the Utah Legislature passed the Transfer of Public Lands Act (TPLA) in the 2012 general session, it did so for … Continue reading

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Interim Day: Don’t call HB 148 a ‘land grab’ – Utah has every right to control its land

Tweet Mid-November meetings of the Utah Legislature are traditionally the final regular monthly gatherings of interim committees prior to the full-time session that begins in January. The issues and proposals discussed foreshadow and prepare the way for the work legislators … Continue reading

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Taking back Utah's public lands

Tweet Governor Gary Herbert has signed HB 148, a bill aimed at restoring public lands to Utah for the benefit of public schools throughout the state. Watch this video report to learn more about what this bill would mean for … Continue reading

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Keep all 43 state parks open? Here’s how

Tweet   Do Utahns really want all 43 of the current state parks to stay open? Can state parks be managed better? If so, how? What happens if state parks lose some of their state subsidy? These and other similar … Continue reading

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‘Smart growth’: not so smart

Tweet   For years, advocates on the left have pushed for state and local government to pursue policies that they like to call “smart growth.” In Utah, advocates have coined the term “quality growth,” but both approaches boil down to … Continue reading

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Finding balance: Utah, the feds, nature and natural resources

Tweet The state of Utah recently sued the Obama administration over its wild lands policy. The Salt Lake Tribune reported on Gov. Gary Herbert’s take: “Herbert warned that the wild lands policy creates a category of lands akin to wilderness … Continue reading

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