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Utah Gay Rights

Gay rights have been a controversial topic for a long time, but the debate—and surrounding media coverage—has taken center stage during the past few years. Same-sex marriage and nondiscrimination laws are two of the most hotly debated gay rights issues surging through the airwaves. Sutherland Institute aims to shed light on these and many other related topics.

First, we’d like to say that we have nothing against people who struggle with homosexual tendencies. Sutherland Institute believes that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and compassion. Those emotions, however, must come within a person’s heart and cannot be mandated by the government.

Government-enforced acceptance is at the heart of existing nondiscrimination laws, which have passed in several states and many other state lawmakers are considering such legislation. Nondiscrimination laws force people to leave their faith at home. As a founding principle of this great nation, religion should be celebrated and not forced to be hidden in the name of political correctness. If that’s not enough to scare away support for nondiscrimination laws, maybe this will do the trick: those laws are a proven portal to legalizing gay marriage. Lawmakers, however, aren’t the biggest threat to traditional marriage.

Courts have continually ruled against traditional marriage. The ruling and debate surrounding Prop 8 was a flashpoint. Since then, liberal activist judges have been at war with traditional values.

Visit Sutherland Institute on a regular basis to take part in the debate about Prop 8, gay marriage, and gay rights.

‘Gay’ bus tour kicks off with a lukewarm endorsement

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Why our approaches on illegal immigration, “gay rights” differ

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Tribune article stacks up ironies

  Last Friday’s edition of The Salt Lake Tribune included a story titled, “Gay BYU filmmaker ready to tell his story,” by Peggy Fletcher Stack (July 8, 2011). The article is about Kendall Wilcox, yet Ms. Stack appropriates Mr. Wilcox’s … Continue reading

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Advocacy research in the ‘gay rights’ arena: a follow-up

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Is it bigotry to support traditional marriage?

  The most prominent theme in same-sex marriage advocacy is that opposition to gay marriage is bigotry. The charge is inherent in the idea that redefining marriage is a civil rights imperative and that those who resist are on “the … Continue reading

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Political irony: the similarities of opposing political extremes

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Same-sex marriage in New York brought to you by…

  Late Friday night, four days after its legislative session was to have gone into recess, the New York Senate voted 33-29 to redefine marriage to include same-sex couples. The margin of passage was provided by four Republicans, including at … Continue reading

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Is marriage doomed with the young?

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What ‘equal marriage’ advocates don’t seem to get

Two California gay couples recently scored a victory in federal district court in the case of Perry v. Schwarzenegger. The case, which is now in appeal, is based on the argument that Proposition 8 violates the Equal Protection and Due … Continue reading

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‘Gay Rights’ and Advocacy Research: When a Political Agenda Drives ‘Objective’ Scholarship

In the “gay rights” policy arena, we often see headlines about what may best be termed “advocacy research.” Advocacy research includes academic studies, conducted by supposedly objective scholars, which either try to draw politically relevant conclusions based on mediocre methodology … Continue reading

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