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Utah Gay Rights

Gay rights have been a controversial topic for a long time, but the debate—and surrounding media coverage—has taken center stage during the past few years. Same-sex marriage and nondiscrimination laws are two of the most hotly debated gay rights issues surging through the airwaves. Sutherland Institute aims to shed light on these and many other related topics.

First, we’d like to say that we have nothing against people who struggle with homosexual tendencies. Sutherland Institute believes that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and compassion. Those emotions, however, must come within a person’s heart and cannot be mandated by the government.

Government-enforced acceptance is at the heart of existing nondiscrimination laws, which have passed in several states and many other state lawmakers are considering such legislation. Nondiscrimination laws force people to leave their faith at home. As a founding principle of this great nation, religion should be celebrated and not forced to be hidden in the name of political correctness. If that’s not enough to scare away support for nondiscrimination laws, maybe this will do the trick: those laws are a proven portal to legalizing gay marriage. Lawmakers, however, aren’t the biggest threat to traditional marriage.

Courts have continually ruled against traditional marriage. The ruling and debate surrounding Prop 8 was a flashpoint. Since then, liberal activist judges have been at war with traditional values.

Visit Sutherland Institute on a regular basis to take part in the debate about Prop 8, gay marriage, and gay rights.

Politicization of homosexuality barrels on

Tweet In the “gay rights” debate over the years, I have raised the point that the psychiatric and psychological professional associations normalized the condition of homosexuality because of politics, not science. Typically, my claim is greeted with jeers and laughter … Continue reading

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Same-sex marriage and our better selves

Tweet The following post is a transcript of a 4-minute weekly radio commentary aired on several Utah radio stations: Last week the United States Supreme Court received arguments in two cases regarding same-sex marriage. The Proposition 8 case out of … Continue reading

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2013 Legislature: Testimony opposing antidiscrimination amendments (SB 262)

Tweet Testimony given by Paul Mero Thursday, March 7, before the Senate Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee regarding Employment and Housing Antidiscrimination Amendments (SB 262): Thank you, Mr. Chairman, for the opportunity to add a voice to this hearing. … Continue reading

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3 reasons BSA shouldn’t cave in

Tweet The following post is a transcript of a weekly radio commentary aired on several Utah radio stations: The Boy Scouts of America were scheduled this week to decide whether or not to lift its long-standing ban on accepting homosexual … Continue reading

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Spinning the news to create wedges in Mormondom?

Tweet Just a quick thought on how the pro-homosexual media spins even the clearest statements to favor its ideological … oops, I mean journalistic … opinions. The Salt Lake Tribune’s religion reporter, Peggy Fletcher Stack, relishes every opportunity to create wedges … Continue reading

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Activists launch their effort to overturn Utah’s marriage amendment

Tweet According to a recent news report, “gay rights” activists in Utah are filing legal briefs in the pending U.S. Supreme Court cases concerning the definition of marriage. Specifically, it is reported that these briefs are citing Utah’s marriage amendment … Continue reading

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Homosexuality, the LDS Church, and the Supreme Court

Tweet Last week The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced a new website targeted to people struggling with homosexuality and the relationships they have within their families and faith community. In announcing this unprecedented outreach, LDS Church Apostle … Continue reading

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A consequential time for marriage

Tweet What if the U.S. Supreme Court imposed a policy of “gay marriage” on the entire country, in spite of the fact that nearly two-thirds of states maintain a traditional definition of marriage? On the other hand, what if the … Continue reading

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Anti-discrimination laws and marriage

Tweet Many people wonder why conservatives who speak up for traditional marriage and the natural family also often oppose fundamentally flawed laws that would add “sexual orientation” to anti-discrimination laws. If you ask some “gay rights” advocates, the answer is … Continue reading

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The mistakes of ‘the gay mind’

Tweet Recently I wrote about “the secular mind” in The Salt Lake Tribune. With this blog post I write about “the gay mind.” By way of preface, four items: First, I want to make clear that I’m speaking generally about … Continue reading

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Same-sex marriage inevitable? Not so fast

Tweet At a Sutherland Institute event in April 2011, Maggie Gallagher noted that victory in a war comes when one side believes it is no longer worth fighting. Thus, one of the most important arguments made by those who want … Continue reading

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Who’s really driven by hatred in the ‘gay marriage’ debate?

Tweet Many on the political left dismiss people who support traditional marriage, comparing them to bigots driven by race and hate who seek to harm a hated minority. But just this week, an organization of people who have known true … Continue reading

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Have some Boy Scouts board members lost their compass?

Tweet Reports of recent comments by two board members of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) provide Exhibit A examples of self-serving inclinations and failing to remember which way they (should) face. The first comes from The Dallas Morning News:  … Continue reading

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Liberal thinking and religious views don’t mix

Tweet Shortly after President Obama “evolved” his position on “gay marriage” to one of support, he held a Hollywood fundraiser at which he described his new position as “a logical extension of what America is supposed to be.” As a … Continue reading

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Groundbreaking Study on Alternative Families

Tweet This morning a reputable scholarly journal published two key studies that could unsettle some of the happy talk about alternative family forms. The studies have already been the subject of major stories in the Deseret News and Washington Times. Maggie … Continue reading

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