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Detroit asks: Who is John Galt?

Tweet Detroit once had the highest per-capita income of any city in the world. Yet today it stands bankrupt and abandoned. What happened to the once-great city? While there were many factors in its decline, some of the major influences … Continue reading

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Fast food strike = economic ignorance

Tweet Sometimes I just have to marvel at the total lack of common sense and disregard for basic economic principles often shown by people in the grievance industry when they throw their little hissy fits. The latest example was the … Continue reading

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Dwight Howard, the Lakers, the Rockets and state tax policy

Tweet The Wall Street Journal highlights yet another example of how state policy (in this case, tax policy) has real implications. Los Angeles Laker big man Dwight Howard is the NBA’s most prominent free agent this off season and is … Continue reading

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Spending $24,696 per minute: The 2013-14 Utah State Budget

Tweet With the dawning of Utah’s new fiscal year, we’ve reset our state spending clock to show you, real time, how quickly the state spends our tax dollars. We understand governments have a legitimate and vital role to play in … Continue reading

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45% of union households in Utah would leave unions, if …

Tweet A new survey of 394 union households in Utah shows that 45 percent would leave their unions if they could do so without losing their jobs or receiving any other sort of penalty, while nationally 33.4 percent of union … Continue reading

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Lehi Roller Mills and bureaucracy

Tweet A great local business in northern Utah County, Lehi Roller Mills, has recently filed for bankruptcy protection. Hopefully the move will allow the company to get back on its feet and remain viable for the sake of the community, … Continue reading

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Freedom to close businesses on Sunday is worth preserving

Tweet Living in a community bordering Highland, we see lots of signs for and against local Proposition 6, which would do away with the city’s Sunday closing. The anti-Proposition 6 campaign is in the right. People don’t need to shop … Continue reading

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No liberty is violated by Highland’s Sunday closures

Tweet Residents of the city of Highland are considering repealing a Sunday closure regulation. They alone will decide. My interest in this debate is intellectual. My two cents is simply to remind Highland residents that there is no liberty interest … Continue reading

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Dr. Moneylove or: How Al Gore Learned to Stop Capitalism and Love Government Connections

Tweet What happens when government begins to direct more and more of a country’s economy with the wealth it has taken from its people through taxation? China and Al Gore provide us examples. According to a Bloomberg report quoted by … Continue reading

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Utah government entities catalogue how they compete with the private sector

Tweet During yesterday’s interim meetings, the Legislature’s Political Subdivisions Interim Committee heard reports from representatives of higher education, K-12 public schools, counties, cities, and others about activities they participate in that potentially compete with the private sector and how they … Continue reading

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Prospects for a humming future in the Beehive State

Tweet A recent publication by the Gallup organization is the latest to suggest a humming future for the Beehive State. In “Utah Poised to Be the Best U.S. State to Live In,” Dan Witters reports that the state leads all … Continue reading

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Big government, big business are 2 sides of the same coin

Tweet Conservatives are often accused of being the friend of Big Business because of their support of free markets. The irony of this argument, however, is that in reality it is Big Government – the child of most liberal policies … Continue reading

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Liberal economic policies are killing jobs

Tweet A conservative blog recently looked at data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on the “employment-population ratio” (EPR), which measures the percentage of America’s working age population that is actually employed – a good measure of the strength of … Continue reading

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The reasonable road to a clean environment: Avoiding policy potholes

Tweet In addition to energy development, transportation policy is another illustration of the damage that radical environmental thinking does to people’s lives and the hope that conservative environmentalism brings for crafting reasonable solutions to environmental problems. And no area illustrates … Continue reading

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Energy and conservative environmentalism

Tweet How we think about the environment and human beings’ place in it can dramatically impact people’s lives through public policy. This becomes evident when it comes to energy development and regulation. Radical environmental thinking – which values the existence … Continue reading

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