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Utah State Rights & Federalism

Federalism is one of the major precepts of conservatism in America. Championed by Alexander Hamilton, the idea of federalism would promote effective democracy by balancing the federal and state government’s power or as Hamilton out it: “”If their [the peoples’] rights are invaded by either [federal and state governments], they can make use of the other as the instrument of redress.” Many people have become increasingly comfortable with the federal government and the courts dictating how we live our lives; state rights are being trampled. Legislation is much more effective at the state and local level. Utah is not California. The Supreme Court justices don’t live in our community. Why should we be ruled from afar?

The Sutherland Institute believes that federalism should be respected and state rights should be protected.

EPA’s proposed carbon rule hits most vulnerable hardest

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed carbon rule is the latest in a series of regulations that will increase the cost of electricity and natural gas at a time when wages are stagnant and a lot of people are … Continue reading

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When the West is pushed, it turns right

Most people have heard by now that the locals out West are getting a little restless, as they have every other generation or so since the mid-19th century. What’s less clear is whether this restlessness reflects a new conservative political … Continue reading

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Watch live stream: Sutherland’s Carl Graham to speak at Heritage on Western states

Watch live on Tuesday (June 10) as Carl Graham, director of Sutherland’s Coalition for Self-Government in the West, speaks in Washington, D.C., as part of a Heritage Foundation event. “States of Dependence: Reducing Washington’s Control of the Western U.S.” begins … Continue reading

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2 cheers for the federalist left

Let’s all take a moment to welcome our progressive left friends to the self-government movement. They’re a little late to the party, generally favoring judges and bureaucrats over actually persuading people they’re right. But it’s good to see they have … Continue reading

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Supreme court DOMA and Prop 8 marriage cases: a preliminary analysis

The U.S. Supreme Court has now issued its decisions in the two marriage cases, both on 5-4 votes. In the Proposition 8 case, the majority said that since the group that had brought the measure to the voters had not … Continue reading

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Selling our national soul for 30 pieces of silver

The United States Senate recently voted overwhelmingly to proceed with debate on the so-called Marketplace Fairness Act, and scheduled a final vote for May 6. This law, if passed, would authorize states to require Internet-based companies without a physical presence … Continue reading

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Budget deal: Utah still addicted to the federal trough

  A year and a half ago I wrote an article for the Standard-Examiner about how Utah is addicted to federal dollars. Since then, nothing has changed. The federal budget deal has again brought this issue to our attention. A … Continue reading

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Relief from federal education mandates may be in sight

  We have some good news out of Washington. Utah’s own Rep. Rob Bishop, an educator in Utah’s public schools for 28 years, has introduced a bill in Congress that could exempt Utah and other states from burdensome federal education … Continue reading

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Run away from ‘Race to the Top’

President Barack Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan are offering states $500 million more in the third round of its “Race to the Top” competition. This round, called the “Early Learning Challenge,” aims to standardize early childhood education nationwide. … Continue reading

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Guest commentary: the next steps for immigration reform

At the same time President Obama was giving his speech about immigration in El Paso, Texas, I was sitting in the courtroom of U.S. District Court Judge Clark Waddoups while he issued a temporary restraining order on the controversial Utah … Continue reading

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NCLB: Waivers are good; repeal is better

According to a report by Education Week, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan gave states 315 waivers under No Child Left Behind (NCLB) in 2009, nine times more than his predecessor Margaret Spellings approved in 2008. This trend is good … Continue reading

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