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Family Issues in Utah

Strong families lead to stronger communities. Family issues—and court rulings, legislation, and pop culture that affects them—cover a large swath of American and local politics, especially these days when liberal legislation and activist judges are undoing what made this country great in the first place. Even though countless studies have shown that strong societies require strong, natural families, there’s a battle being fought between traditional values and new age liberalism. Sutherland Institute is firmly on the side of traditional values.

Use this website as a reference for anything related to family issues in Utah and the rest of the country.

Alimony, audits and adoption: family issues heard during Utah interim meetings

Tweet During last week’s interim day meetings, the legislature heard three family issues. The Judiciary Interim Committee listened to testimony about reforming alimony (brought to the Committee by Representative Fred Cox, R-West Valley City) which has been a Sutherland Institute … Continue reading

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Utah could take a lesson from Chris Christie on surrogacy

Tweet On Aug. 8, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie did the right thing in vetoing a bill that would have allowed adults to contract with one another so that one would carry a child to term for money and then … Continue reading

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How sound marriage laws enhance liberty

Tweet A sincere question often raised in the debate over the definition of marriage is whether it is appropriate for government to be in the marriage business at all. For those of us who believe in the principle of limited … Continue reading

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How is Utah’s child welfare system doing?

Tweet As we have reported, the Utah Legislature is reviewing an audit of the Utah Division of Child and Family Services.  The Foundation for Government Accountability has just released a report with state rankings based on 11 different child outcomes. … Continue reading

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Will California ‘split the child’?

Tweet The news is reporting on another troubling development from California, where the state Senate is considering a bill that would specifically allow the government to designate more than two “parents” for a child. Although radical, this idea is not … Continue reading

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Video: study shows children better off with father and mother

Tweet A new study shows there are significant differences among children raised by gay and lesbian parents when compared with children raised by intact biological families. Watch this video report to learn more from Bill Duncan, Sutherland Institute’s Director of the Center … Continue reading

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Groundbreaking Study on Alternative Families

Tweet This morning a reputable scholarly journal published two key studies that could unsettle some of the happy talk about alternative family forms. The studies have already been the subject of major stories in the Deseret News and Washington Times. Maggie … Continue reading

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Children of the revolution

Tweet In a book review in The Family in America, I proposed an analogy: “Today’s young adults are undeniably well-off and thriving materially. They enjoy opportunities and resources unheard of, even among their boomer parents. In terms of family and … Continue reading

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Family and religion: a harmonious union

Tweet A Sutherland newsletter from last year noted the links between family and religion. It explained: “Church and family are mutually supportive. Religious teachings about marriage, sexuality, obligations of spouses and parents, etc., bolster the natural affections of family life. … Continue reading

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Family issues in Utah Foundation survey raise more questions

Tweet The Utah Foundation recently released a helpful survey of voter and party delegate attitudes on a range of issues. I’ve spent some time looking at the four questions related to family issues and have a couple of general observations. … Continue reading

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Who’s paying for the party?

Tweet A recent study by BYU professors (see here and here) tells us that when parents pay for their children’s college, those children are more likely to engage in risky behaviors like alcohol abuse than those who pay their own way, … Continue reading

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Another strike against cohabitation: mom’s boyfriend can be deadly

Tweet This blog has noted previously some of the problems with a recent spate of stories purporting to show that cohabitation is not necessarily so bad (see here and here). Last week, the Deseret News ran a story reporting on … Continue reading

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‘Never worked a day in her life’ vs. the 95-hour work week

Tweet It’s likely that you heard about the recent controversial remarks from Democratic lobbyist and pundit Hilary Rosen during an appearance on CNN: “His wife has actually never worked a day in her life. She’s never really dealt with the … Continue reading

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‘Old rules’ about marriage obsolete? No, and here’s why

Tweet On March 25, 2012, The Salt Lake Tribune editorialized on “Marriage reality: Old rules becoming obsolete.” To understand the chasm separating its reality from truth, it would be helpful to deconstruct its opinions. The Tribune’s editorial begins, “There was … Continue reading

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What’s beyond the pale?

Tweet In 1770, Edmund Burke said: “They who can read the political sky will see a hurricane in a cloud no bigger than an hand at the very edge of the horizon, and will run into the first harbor.” A … Continue reading

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