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Reid abandons impartiality on Swallow

Tweet Utah State Senator Stuart Reid, showing his displeasure with Attorney General John Swallow’s lack of regard for public opinion during a recent press conference, sent a letter to many of his Senate colleagues with the subject: “My loss of … Continue reading

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Google on a search-and-destroy mission against online child porn

Tweet This is a great piece of news to start the week with: [Google] is creating a database of images depicting child exploitation – to be shared with tech companies, law enforcement, and charities – in order to scrub the … Continue reading

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Weighing decisions of character against feelings of discomfort

Tweet In our continued debates over moral issues, it is not uncommon for politicians, opinion leaders and others to announce that, after agonizing over the issue, they have decided to change positions or announce positions in favor of things like … Continue reading

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Real 'moral sense' involves balancing conflicting principles

Tweet Josh Greenman, a New York Daily News opinion and editorial writer, recently tweeted, “If you believe conception instantly creates a human being, it makes moral sense to ban all abortions. Exceptions are craven compromise.” Greenman’s assertion got us thinking. … Continue reading

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California shows that ‘independent commissions’ are an illusion

Tweet   Some in Utah, including interest groups, the media, and a few elected officials (usually former elected officials) favor creating “nonpartisan,” “independent” commissions to oversee important political processes like congressional redistricting and legislative ethics investigations.“Independent” commissions produce better outcomes, … Continue reading

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So what was the DABC drinking, anyway?

Tweet   If recent media reports surrounding the performance of the state’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (DABC) have left you scratching your head, you’re not alone. Information from the media over the past few months has ranged from singing … Continue reading

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Who’s running UTA, anyway?

Tweet   Terry Diehl used to be a board member of the Utah Transit Authority. But no longer. He’s being investigated by the Attorney General’s Office for allegedly misusing official information about the location of a potential commuter rail station … Continue reading

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