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What's the big rush to pick a new state superintendent?

Tweet Last week, four legislators issued a statement of concern about the apparent rush to replace Utah State Superintendent Larry Shumway, pointing out that the application window closes before November’s elections – in which half the school board will be … Continue reading

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Harvard-Brookings study finds vouchers increased college enrollment for black students

Tweet A first-of-its-kind study of a private school voucher program in New York City, published by Harvard University and the Brookings Institution, found “large, statistically significant positive impacts” from the voucher program on college enrollment among African-American children. The researchers … Continue reading

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UHSAA cites administrative headaches as justification for denying transfer to depressed student

Tweet In a stunning display of callous disregard for a child’s emotional health and well-being, a spokesman for the Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA) recently justified denying depressed children seeking to transfer schools the opportunity to immediately play sports … Continue reading

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How Utah’s universities are exploring digital learning potential

Tweet We have blogged regularly here about the many ways that digital learning is improving public education across the country by creating educational opportunities customized to the needs of individual children, and by focusing teachers’ time on one-on-one teaching rather … Continue reading

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'Roam school': the future of education

Tweet A first-person story in the Wall Street Journal points out the exciting developments in homeschooling and digital learning and the growing possibilities of being able to “mix and match” different options to create the best K-12 schooling for our … Continue reading

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Fact-checking USOE claims on Common Core

Tweet As the debate about Common Core carries on, many interested parties are making claims about what effect the new standards will have on public education and children in Utah. The latest comes from Brenda Hales of the Utah State … Continue reading

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New report: Common Core not best for Utah children

Tweet Should Utah’s education standards, or learning goals, be crafted to meet the needs of children, or the desires of adults like administrators and teachers? In a new report, “Common Core: Is It Best for Utah Children?” Sutherland answers this … Continue reading

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Children with learning disabilities left behind?

Tweet Federal law requires schools to identify children who have learning disabilities and provide them an education appropriate to their needs. Two recent stories have surfaced showing that Utah school districts may be breaking this law. Watch this video to … Continue reading

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Interim day: license plate scanning and Common Core

Tweet Today, the Utah Legislature held its first interim committee meetings of the year. These meetings occur once each month from May through November, except in July. Legislators address a range of issues, including ideas for future bills, implementation of … Continue reading

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Video: Was Utah teacher punished for testifying on union bill?

Tweet According to Heartland Institute, Utah teacher Cole Kelley was released from his position as athletic director one week after testifying in favor of a bill that would penalize school districts for not granting equal access to all teacher organizations. … Continue reading

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Video: What do Utahns think about Common Core?

Tweet Last week, hundreds of Utahns packed a room to express their views on Common Core. We interviewed several attendees to hear their thoughts on the issue: You can watch the entire two-hour meeting here: What do you think? Is … Continue reading

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Give Utah principals more authority over their schools

Tweet Utah’s public school system has become top-heavy. At Sutherland, we have advocated for a more bottom-up approach, particularly one that is parent-driven. Over at The Atlantic, Chester E. Finn Jr. of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute makes a strong … Continue reading

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Debunking the myths (and outright lies) about digital learning

Tweet   Though digital learning is growing rapidly across the country, including here in Utah, many people have little to no interaction with it and so are unfamiliar with what it is and what it isn’t. This allows supporters of … Continue reading

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Dabakis goes off deep end with education paraphrase

Tweet   Utah Democrats rang in the New Year with an editorial in The Salt Lake Tribune excoriating Utah Republicans for making a mess of public education. Jim Dabakis, the new chairman of the Democratic Party in Utah, writes that … Continue reading

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Blended learning: integrating technology and the classroom

Tweet   Sutherland Institute has been working to promote digital learning (also called “virtual” or “online” education) as one way to improve schooling in Utah. It’s common to assume that traditional learning, typically done in a classroom, and digital learning … Continue reading

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