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From ‘the greatest generation’ to ‘the greatest generational failure’

Tweet   Has the baby boom generation become one of the greatest failures in leadership in American history? Walter Russell Mead, himself a boomer, recently published a thought-provoking essay in regard to this question, and his answer seems to be … Continue reading

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Penn State insanity calls for radical surgery

Tweet   The Pennsylvania State University Board of Trustees should have announced cancellation of the football team’s Saturday game at the same time they fired Coach Joe Paterno and the university president. Further, the appropriate response to this unfolding atrocity, … Continue reading

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‘Cult’ accusation is a bigoted blast from the past

Tweet   When evangelical pastor Robert Jeffress called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints a “cult” at the Values Voters Summit, a huge gathering of the “pro-family movement,” it brought back all sorts of thoughts for me. Permit … Continue reading

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Not what this woman wants

Tweet   I find myself grinding my teeth every time the “What A Woman Wants Show” billboards pop up around the Salt Lake Valley. The sales expo aimed at women is a legitimate event, the art on the billboards is … Continue reading

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‘Selective reduction’ of twins highlights need for a culture of life

Tweet   The New York Times ran an article recently about a growing abortion practice in which a woman carrying twins chooses to abort only one of the two healthy, viable fetuses, while keeping the other. The article noted that … Continue reading

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Mind-bending story about ‘gay Mormons’ reinforces political correctness

Tweet   A growing number of Americans seem to be accepting, even embracing, the idea of same-sex relationships (i.e., homosexuality) even while there still remain Americans who view those relationships as dysfunctional. Professional medical associations have, one by one over … Continue reading

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Give Sundance credit where credit is due

Tweet   A few weeks ago in another post on this blog, Sutherland analyst Matthew Piccolo brought to light the vulgar content presented during parts of the Sundance Institute’s annual film festival. While I share his concerns about the festival, Sundance … Continue reading

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Families’ private flights unleash a storm of envy

Tweet   Hundreds of commenters on the New York Times website had a tantrum over a story this week about families that charter private jets to send their children to summer camp in the Northeast U.S. These enraged readers see … Continue reading

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