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Looser alcohol laws: a losing proposition

Tweet   Take a moment and go through a quick thought experiment with me. Let’s say the Utah Association of Snake Oil Businesses came to your community and asked that you loosen regulations on selling legal forms of snake oil. … Continue reading

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So what was the DABC drinking, anyway?

Tweet   If recent media reports surrounding the performance of the state’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (DABC) have left you scratching your head, you’re not alone. Information from the media over the past few months has ranged from singing … Continue reading

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Confused Mormons whine about ‘Zion curtain’

Tweet   A new Facebook group has popped up: Utah Mormons Against the Zion Curtain. The “Zion curtain” is what Utah’s pro-liquor lobby – and now, it seems, confused Latter-day Saints – calls the physical partition in some eating establishments … Continue reading

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Utah tax dollars used to treat drunken drivers

Tweet By law, DUI offenders in Utah must complete an assessment to determine whether they need substance abuse treatment. In many cases, Assessment & Referral Services (ARS) at the University of Utah provides this evaluation free of charge, at a … Continue reading

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Is this really a $40 million problem?

Tweet The Salt Lake Tribune reported yesterday that Salt Lake County is considering building a “‘community corrections center’ designed to help convicted wrongdoers who wrestle with drug addictions or mental health problems break free from their criminal past,” a kind … Continue reading

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Fighting Addiction: The Individual, Family, Community and Government

Tweet A recent tragedy in my extended family has spurred some thoughts regarding addiction. A relative of ours overdosed on drugs. It’s not clear whether it was intentional or if it was a “hot” batch of drugs that took his … Continue reading

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Alcohol Regulation: Moral Issue or Economics Issue?

Tweet In recent weeks, there has been talk of privatizing Utah’s liquor stores.  Most likely, this debate has gained traction with the announced closure of 10 state liquor stores (one closed, but the other nine will remain open).  As some … Continue reading

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