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The war on (unborn) women

We’re constantly told by liberal politicians and media claiming to be “progressive” that conservative thinkers and policymakers are waging a “war on women.” As the argument is spun, the right’s “war on women” oppresses women’s quality of life by opposing … Continue reading

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Grand jury report says Gosnell case is partially a result of pro-abortion politics

In a thoughtful and compelling article published by The Wall Street Journal, James Taranto argues that the gruesome case of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell illustrates the need to end the legal “Roe regime” of “abortion on demand.” He cites the … Continue reading

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Writer uses illegal-abortion case to call for more abortions

What is the solution for preventing people from killing women and children? Evidently, for the left, it is to make it easier to kill children. In response to an opinion piece in USA Today blasting traditional media for ignoring the … Continue reading

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Abortion essay shows breathtakingly honest brutality

National Review Online’s Katrina Trinko draws our attention to a Salon essay that is as revealing as it is breathtaking in its honest brutality. Trinko quotes the Salon article, written by Elizabeth Williams:  I believe that’s what a fetus is: … Continue reading

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Real ‘moral sense’ involves balancing conflicting principles

Josh Greenman, a New York Daily News opinion and editorial writer, recently tweeted, “If you believe conception instantly creates a human being, it makes moral sense to ban all abortions. Exceptions are craven compromise.” Greenman’s assertion got us thinking. Making … Continue reading

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Protect marriage, protect life

The small and brave contingent of the University Faculty for Life was in Utah recently for their annual conference hosted this year at Brigham Young University. My presentation examined the linkages between the deconstruction of marriage as a social institution … Continue reading

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A Tale from the Abortion Crypt

From the “inhumanity of an abortion culture” file comes another form of killing a child: “after-birth abortion.” Yes, this is a real idea. In fact, it was the focus of a recently published essay pitching its merits titled “After-birth abortion: … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs, abortion, and the geniuses we’ll never know

  If Steve Jobs’ mother became pregnant with him today instead of in 1955, would he even be born? Although that question is impossible to answer, current data show that abortion would not be a surprising choice for his mom … Continue reading

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Halt government funding to Planned Parenthood in Utah?

  As we wrote on August 30, Planned Parenthood Association of Utah receives an average of $152,050.07 each year in state and federal funds. Representative Carl Wimmer (R-Herriman) plans to propose legislation that would restrict Planned Parenthood’s access to government money. … Continue reading

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Planned Parenthood: See what $152K in taxes fund each year

  Utah Representative Carl Wimmer (R-Herriman) has said he wants to stop the flow of money from the state to Planned Parenthood, which many other states have recently done. In May, The Salt Lake Tribune provided a brief sketch of … Continue reading

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‘Selective reduction’ of twins highlights need for a culture of life

  The New York Times ran an article recently about a growing abortion practice in which a woman carrying twins chooses to abort only one of the two healthy, viable fetuses, while keeping the other. The article noted that this … Continue reading

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