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Are church walls meant to confine?

The current complexion of the debate about religious liberty has been shaped by three converging cultural streams: an increase in the size of government that has subjected increasing areas of public life to legal regulation, shrinking legal protections for religious liberty and acceptance of open hostility to religion. One obvious manifestation of this latter trend […]

ACLU suit tries to overturn reality

Last week, local news reported a lawsuit filed in federal court by Utah’s ACLU affiliate to force the state to recognize the same-sex spouse of a mother who conceived using “donor” sperm (these kinds of “donations” are typically paid for) from an anonymous man. The lawsuit points to a state law that allows the husband […]

Out of intergenerational poverty

At the end of March, the state issued a report on intergenerational poverty. This is the third annual report and was commissioned in legislation from 2013, the Intergenerational Poverty Mitigation Act, which urged state government agencies to take steps to create a measureable decrease in the rate of intergenerational poverty. The report was issued by […]

Hysteria over Indiana’s protection of religious liberty: Elites take leave of their senses

The reaction to the Indiana Legislature’s enactment of a generic religious liberty law seems increasingly unhinged. The long knives of business, entertainment and political elites are coming out. Even, amusingly, “gamers.” This does little to assuage concerns that proponents of sexual revolution are motivated by animus towards people of faith. The basic reality is that […]

Strong new defense of the constitutionality of marriage

The Heritage Foundation has just published a strong piece of legal analysis by Ryan Anderson and Gene Schaerr on the same-sex marriage issue. Anderson is a prominent defender of marriage as the union of a man and a woman, and Schaerr defended Utah’s marriage law in court at a significant professional sacrifice. The analysis demonstrates […]

Why Senate Bill 297 is necessary

At this time, the state of Utah has been required to recognize same-sex marriages by court order. The court order did not address some of the foreseeable consequences of redefining marriage in the state, such as implications for religious liberty. By contrast, the anti-discrimination legislation (SB296) contains provisions that attempt to balance the response to […]

The tradeoffs of postponing marriage past your mid-20s

I’ve been reading an interesting book about family policy and came across a brief passage that said while one should wait until at least the mid-20s to marry, it was “better still” to wait until “your early thirties, if you want to reduce the risk of divorce.” Others promote later marriage because it’s associated with […]