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How is Utah’s child welfare system doing?

Tweet As we have reported, the Utah Legislature is reviewing an audit of the Utah Division of Child and Family Services.  The Foundation for Government Accountability has just released a report with state rankings based on 11 different child outcomes. … Continue reading

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Will California ‘split the child’?

Tweet The news is reporting on another troubling development from California, where the state Senate is considering a bill that would specifically allow the government to designate more than two “parents” for a child. Although radical, this idea is not … Continue reading

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Parents’ rights in interim committee hearing

Tweet On Wednesday, June 20th, the Judiciary Interim Committee of the Legislature will hear testimony about the appropriate balance between protecting children at risk in their homes and preserving families. The study is part of an important bill, House Bill … Continue reading

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Protect marriage, protect life

Tweet The small and brave contingent of the University Faculty for Life was in Utah recently for their annual conference hosted this year at Brigham Young University. My presentation examined the linkages between the deconstruction of marriage as a social … Continue reading

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Groundbreaking Study on Alternative Families

Tweet This morning a reputable scholarly journal published two key studies that could unsettle some of the happy talk about alternative family forms. The studies have already been the subject of major stories in the Deseret News and Washington Times. Maggie … Continue reading

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Government is all too eager to displace your family

Tweet The great conservative sociologist Robert Nisbet notes: “It is the nature of both family and state to struggle for the exclusive loyalty of their respective, and overlapping, members.” (Robert Nisbet, Prejudices: A Philosophical Dictionary 110 [1982].) This struggle seems … Continue reading

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The judicial campaign against DOMA

Tweet Yesterday, a panel of three judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit (the federal appeals court that covers Massachusetts and some of the other Northeastern states as well as Puerto Rico) ruled the federal Defense … Continue reading

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What’s the big rush to get divorced?

Tweet In the 2012 session, the Utah Legislature took a welcome baby step toward restoring moral seriousness to the state’s treatment of divorce by restoring the (very short) 90-day waiting period before filing and finalization. At the other end of … Continue reading

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Children of the revolution

Tweet In a book review in The Family in America, I proposed an analogy: “Today’s young adults are undeniably well-off and thriving materially. They enjoy opportunities and resources unheard of, even among their boomer parents. In terms of family and … Continue reading

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Family and religion: a harmonious union

Tweet A Sutherland newsletter from last year noted the links between family and religion. It explained: “Church and family are mutually supportive. Religious teachings about marriage, sexuality, obligations of spouses and parents, etc., bolster the natural affections of family life. … Continue reading

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Helping guide prisoners’ re-entry into society

Tweet Tuesday evening, the Apollo 13 Project sponsored a “Second Chance” basketball tournament at Utah Valley University. Eight teams participated, and there was a standout performance by Cameron Mero (son of Sutherland Institute’s president), who is an excellent athlete and … Continue reading

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Obama, North Carolina and the politics of marriage

Tweet The president has just announced that he thinks marriage should be redefined to include same-sex couples. This comes one day after the voters of North Carolina made that state the 31st to enact a constitutional amendment reaffirming the legal … Continue reading

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U.K. judge working to uphold marriage as ‘gold standard’

Tweet An encouraging story from the U.K. says that Sir Paul Coleridge is establishing a private Marriage Foundation with an aim to “champion the institution of marriage as the ‘gold standard for relationships.’” Coleridge, a High Court judge, is a … Continue reading

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Well-Being Index gives marriage a thumbs-up

Tweet A recent Gallup survey provides another confirmation of the value of marriage to individuals. The survey, which is particularly valuable because of its large sample sizes, shows “highly statistically significant” differences in well-being between those who are married and … Continue reading

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Family issues in Utah Foundation survey raise more questions

Tweet The Utah Foundation recently released a helpful survey of voter and party delegate attitudes on a range of issues. I’ve spent some time looking at the four questions related to family issues and have a couple of general observations. … Continue reading

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