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Fight poverty with community: ‘Bring them in’

In a beautifully phrased speech last month, Sen. Mike Lee laid out an optimistic, conservative view of America’s fight against poverty: What makes America exceptional – and life worth living – is not simply individual freedom, but the heroic, empowering … Continue reading

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Family and poverty

On Father’s Day 2008, then-Senator Barack Obama spoke at the Apostolic Church in Chicago. He spoke about families and how tragic it is that half of all black children live in single-parent homes. He said this rate had doubled during … Continue reading

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Detroit asks: Who is John Galt?

Detroit once had the highest per-capita income of any city in the world. Yet today it stands bankrupt and abandoned. What happened to the once-great city? While there were many factors in its decline, some of the major influences are … Continue reading

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Health care: the free-rider ‘problem’

During the 2009 run-up to the passage of Obamacare, supporters often invoked the numbers of uninsured as sympathetic figures to compel support for further government encroachment in health care. Today, as the law finally gets underway amid considerable uncertainty that … Continue reading

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Hey kid, want to go from rags to riches? Move to S.L.

Where do you think a child from a low-income family would have the best chance of moving into the upper 20 percent of the “national income distribution”? New York? Seattle? Las Vegas? It’s the Salt Lake City metro area. In … Continue reading

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The lowdown on Social Security

Many politicians talk of a Social Security trust fund, some even calling it a “lockbox.” This evokes images of a giant vault full of money stacked to the ceiling, or perhaps a huge savings account holding onto cash for when … Continue reading

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The unintended consequences of the minimum wage

Minimum wage arguments are often laden with good intentions. Of course everyone believes in a fair wage for an honest day’s work. However, what’s generally lacking in the push for a minimum wage is an understanding of the broader consequences … Continue reading

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Guest post: The New Liberalism vs. the Restored Gospel

By Ralph Hancock Part 3 of 3 of “Mormonism in the public square” In the first two articles in this series, I have examined the relationship between religion and politics and shown the impossibility of keeping these completely separate, especially … Continue reading

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Guest post: The sleight of hand in relativism

By Ralph Hancock Part 2 of 3 of “Mormonism in the public square” In the first article in this series, I summarized a common contemporary view of the relationship between morality and politics as follows: “But now society has fundamentally … Continue reading

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Guest post: Mormonism in the public square

By Ralph Hancock Part 1 of 3 There are two subjects to be avoided, it is often said, in conversation among casual friends and, especially perhaps, among relatives: religion and politics. Among people of the same faith, the first restriction … Continue reading

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New report: Energy development on federal lands could add $6.7B to Utah’s economy

A report released today by the Sutherland Institute Center for Self-Government in the West finds that, based on high-, medium-, and low-usage scenarios, the state’s economy could add between about $1.2 billion and $6.7 billion and 9,400 to 58,000 jobs … Continue reading

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9/11 and your shoes

“Look down at your shoes. Could you break into a run in those if you needed to?” So begins a post at The Foundry reflecting on the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Click here to read it. As it … Continue reading

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Guest column: Utah issues letter grades to public schools

By the Association of American Educators During the 2013 legislative season, the state of Utah passed SB721 in an effort to foster a culture of transparency in public schools. Similar to bills in 15 other states, the new law measures … Continue reading

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The consent of the governed (or, who’s in charge and why)

Where do governments get their power? The consent of the governed, according to Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson used the Declaration of Independence to make the case to the world that the British government was tyrannical, listing the grievances which proved the … Continue reading

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Win BYU, Utah, Utah St. and Weber St. football tickets!

It’s a “Freedom and Football Frenzy”! Sutherland Institute’s Utah Citizen Network is giving away 16 tickets to eight college football games featuring BYU, Utah, Utah State and Weber State. This week’s giveaway is a pair of tickets to see Utah … Continue reading

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