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Is Martin Luther King Jr.’s faith in God ignored?

Tweet In “King’s Media Makeover,” Lee Habeeb points out in National Review that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s deep faith in Christ is mostly absent from modern media writings about King: Listen carefully to all the celebrations of Martin … Continue reading

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Season’s greetings

Tweet We’d like to wish you a merry and peaceful Christmas and New Year. Look for our blog posts to resume starting Jan. 3. – Sutherland Institute staff

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Are think tanks becoming over-politicized?

Tweet Tevi Troy, who has worked for American Enterprise Institute, Heritage Foundation, the Institute for Humane Studies, and the American Action Forum, offers some intriguing thoughts for National Affairs on the evolution of think tanks over the years and where … Continue reading

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BYU graduate Samake strives for democracy in Mali

Tweet Yeah Samake, a BYU graduate interviewed by Sutherland last year, is featured today in a front-page story in The Salt Lake Tribune, Ex-BYU student focused on restoring democracy in bid for Mali presidency: With just six weeks until elections … Continue reading

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Sutherland’s new one-stop shop for political news

Tweet You don’t have to spend half your day hunting for conservative news on the Internet. Now you can keep up on political news – national and statewide – through Sutherland’s Facebook page. From the main page at, click … Continue reading

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Don’t vote blindly on judges: Here’s where to find information

Tweet In all even-numbered years, Utahns have the opportunity to choose whether judges should keep their jobs for another term in office. In the 2010 election, many voters were frustrated by the lack of useful information about the judges on … Continue reading

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Sutherland giveaway: Win tickets to see O'Reilly and Miller

Tweet Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller are coming to Salt Lake on Dec. 8, and we’ve got tickets! Sign up here to enter to win two tickets to their Bolder and Fresher Tour 2012. Bill O’Reilly, godfather of “no spin” … Continue reading

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Why Orem residents are right to fight UTOPIA tax sneakiness

Tweet Deseret News columnist Doug Robinson sums up perfectly why Orem residents are pushing back against new taxes to pay for UTOPIA. More than 5,000 Orem residents signed a petition to force a property-tax referendum in November 2013. That means … Continue reading

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Ryan’s honesty quiets the booing at AARP

Tweet You heard that vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan was booed when he spoke to the AARP about Medicare and Obamacare. But did you hear the rest of the story? Those boos subsided, and here’s why, from Grace-Marie Turner at … Continue reading

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What's the big rush to pick a new state superintendent?

Tweet Last week, four legislators issued a statement of concern about the apparent rush to replace Utah State Superintendent Larry Shumway, pointing out that the application window closes before November’s elections – in which half the school board will be … Continue reading

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Checking the integrity of Clinton's Obamacare assertions

Tweet Grace-Marie Turner, writing in National Review Online, does some fact-checking on former President Bill Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention and finds he danced around the truth: Clinton did a deep dive into policy last night during his … Continue reading

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Resolutions for a new year

Tweet   We asked Sutherland scholars what their goals or resolutions are for 2012. Here’s what they had to say: Derek Monson, The Center for Community and Economy Utah’s economy is recovering well from the latest recession, but for continued, … Continue reading

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A peek at Paul Mero’s reading list

Tweet   If you open Paul Mero’s iPad2 and review his ibooks, here are the books you’ll find: 1. John Adams by David McCullough 2. The Conservative Mind: From Burke to Eliot by Russell Kirk 3. A Queer Thing Happened … Continue reading

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