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A disappointing 10th Circuit ruling; on to Supreme Court

It’s disappointing to have a few federal judges decide that they can unilaterally override the decision of Utah voters to preserve marriage as society’s way of preserving children’s opportunity to be reared by a mother and father. We’ve long known … Continue reading

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Our generous presidential pensions

U.S. presidents make a lot of money when they leave office, both in their private endeavors and in terms of government pension and expense reimbursements. Private wealth among presidents was never uncommon, but no post-presidency pension existed until 1958, when … Continue reading

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Sign petition: Let Herbert, Reyes know we stand with them in defending marriage!

Gov. Gary Herbert and Attorney General Sean Reyes are being bombarded by voices demanding they give in and stop defending Utah’s law preserving marriage between a man and a woman. The silent majority needs to stand up and let them … Continue reading

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Watch live stream: Sutherland’s Carl Graham to speak at Heritage on Western states

Watch live on Tuesday (June 10) as Carl Graham, director of Sutherland’s Coalition for Self-Government in the West, speaks in Washington, D.C., as part of a Heritage Foundation event. “States of Dependence: Reducing Washington’s Control of the Western U.S.” begins … Continue reading

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Statement regarding judge’s order to recognize same-sex marriages in Utah

Today’s decision is disappointing because it rewards judicial overreaching. There’s nothing in the United States Constitution that allows courts to mandate same-sex marriage on the states, but one judge was able to do just that by issuing a novel ruling … Continue reading

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Sutherland applauds Supreme Court decision on town-meeting prayer

Sutherland Institute believes the United States Supreme Court made the correct decision in Town of Greece v. Galloway. In ruling that government should not become “supervisors and censors of religious speech” when it comes to prayer offered at the start … Continue reading

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What’s the deal with Utah’s air quality?

A 2013 survey found that 78 percent of Utahns think our air is worse today than it was 20 years ago. While we certainly do seem to have a lot more bad air days lately, the number of official red … Continue reading

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How state attorneys should have defended Amendment 3

Paul Mero delves into due process, equal protection, and substance in the second part of an essay that lays out what state attorneys should have argued in the Kitchen v. Herbert case (which resulted in the overturning of Utah’s marriage … Continue reading

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On Point presented by Sutherland Institute, Show 6, 2/21/14

Hear insightful commentary from Utah’s only all-female panel of political insiders discussing current events in Utah politics and policy.

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On Point presented by Sutherland Institute, Show 5, 2/14/14

Join Utah’s all-female panel of leading politicos for a discussion of current events related to Utah policy and politics.

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Why Medicaid expansion will hurt Utah’s most vulnerable

A new analysis by Jonathan Ingram of the Foundation for Government Accountability and Derek Monson of Sutherland Institute explains why Utah should opt out of Medicaid expansion: Utah’s Medicaid expansion plans put the state’s truly needy citizens at great risk. … Continue reading

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Sutherland’s amicus brief calls marriage and family ‘pre-political institutions’

Sutherland Institute filed an amicus curiae brief Monday with the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in the state’s appeal of Kitchen v. Herbert – the case in which the judge struck down Utah’s Amendment 3, briefly allowing same-sex marriages to … Continue reading

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On Point presented by Sutherland Institute, Show 4, 2/6/14

On Point presented by Sutherland Institute focuses on the political and policy issues facing Utah, hosted by an all-female panel of Utah’s political insiders. Today’s show features Holly Richardson of the “Holly on the Hill” blog, Michelle Mumford, assistant dean … Continue reading

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‘A Defense of Utah’s “Zion Curtain”’

Although it is roundly mocked in the media and elsewhere, the so-called “Zion curtain” required in Utah restaurants helps prevent alcohol-related disasters and improve public safety. It does this by discouraging something that may be hard to measure but exists … Continue reading

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Sutherland statement on state brief filed with 10th Circuit Court

Utah’s articulation of its interest in marriage is brilliant. Combined with several forthcoming amicus filings, the state’s case is impenetrable. The people of Utah can have confidence that their overwhelming majority view of marriage and family has been well represented. … Continue reading

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