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Trouble in the West

The “green-über-alles” crowd has Utah and our neighbors in its sights. For instance, take this editorial from a Montana newspaper (republished by Utah.Politico.Hub), “Big Trouble in Big Sky Country.” This “big trouble” – referring to tactics used by radical environmentalists … Continue reading

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New poll shows Utahns reluctant about Medicaid expansion proposals

The results of a new survey conducted by Magellan Strategies seem to contradict other recent polls on the topic of Medicaid expansion in Utah. In the Magellan poll, conducted last week, no more than 45 percent of poll respondents favored … Continue reading

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‘A secular society is not our judge’

Elder Russell M. Nelson of the LDS Church minced no words about the true nature of marriage last month during a commencement speech at BYU: Social and political pressures to change marriage laws are resulting in practices contrary to God’s … Continue reading

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The wrong Rx

A new study by State Budget Solutions shows our friends and neighbors in Utah would be devastated with the loss of 14,000-plus jobs in the state because of Medicaid expansion. We must do better! You can read the study here. … Continue reading

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Paul Mero steps down as Sutherland Institute president

Sutherland Institute and Paul Mero are parting ways. After 14 years at the helm, Mero has been asked to step down as president by the Institute’s board. The decision is effective immediately, and the search for a new president will … Continue reading

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Utah, where careful planning makes the sun shine

This report by the State Data Lab, a project of the nonpartisan Truth in Accounting, finds that Utah is one of only nine “sunshine states” – meaning the state governments have enough financial assets to cover their financial liabilities (debt). … Continue reading

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Getting your money’s worth: Which states are best?

Maps published by the nonpartisan Tax Foundation offer a concise depiction of the cost of living in Utah compared with other states. Or as the foundation puts it: “Which states offer the biggest bang for your buck?” Utah lies somewhere … Continue reading

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A new Dan Jones/ poll shows that a majority of Utahns are “completely opposed” to same-sex marriage – and “completely support” Utah’s legal defense of Amendment 3: A new Zions Bank/ poll conducted by Dan Jones and Associates finds 53% … Continue reading

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Human rights court: Civil unions are good enough

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled in a case involving a Finnish transsexual that there is no legal right to “gay marriage” and that a civil union is sufficient for same-sex couples. From the LifeSite website: The European … Continue reading

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Another angle on natural law

In our writings at Sutherland Institute we occasionally use the term “natural law,” referring to the common foundations of justice and fairness innate to each of us. An article in the Intercollegiate Review (excerpted from The Perspective of Love: Natural … Continue reading

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U.N. Human Rights Commission defends the family unit

In a post titled “No Good Document Goes Unpunished,” Laura Bunker of United Families International points out that even the United Nations recognizes the family as the fundamental unit of society. She writes, In observance of the 20th anniversary of … Continue reading

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How Silent Cal’s ‘normalcy’ led to prosperity

Calvin Coolidge is often noted for his penny-pinching ways and “Silent Cal” demeanor. His administration came on the heels of massive government expansion that occurred as the U.S. entered World War I. While some natural spending contraction is to be … Continue reading

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Hobby Lobby issues demystified

Bloomberg View writer Megan McArdle calmly answers some of the wild questions zooming around the Internet in “Answers to All Your Hobby Lobby Questions.” For instance: 1) What can stop a company from arguing that it is against the owner’s … Continue reading

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Deseret News: Utah granted stay in same-sex-marriage case

(Deseret News) The U.S. Supreme Court put recognition of same-sex marriages performed in Utah on hold until the outcome of the state’s appeal of a lower court ruling. Justice Sonia Sotomayor granted the state’s petition Friday for a stay after … Continue reading

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Listing sage grouse as endangered would be ‘the worst thing for it’

By Carl Graham and Brian Seasholes Add one more potential victim to the catalog of high-profile species likely to be harmed by the Endangered Species Act. The sage grouse, a large ground-dwelling bird that inhabits 165 million acres in nine … Continue reading

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