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The flag: Freedom made visible

This morning, Boy Scouts in our neighborhood posted flags in everyone’s yard, as they do on several national holidays year-round. Flying our nation’s flag is a favorite tradition of mine, growing up as I did with deeply patriotic grandparents, parents and siblings. When I was young, we lived in the foothills near a small town, […]

Reflections from Rome: Inspiring conference focuses on the complementarity of men and women in marriage

Last week my wife and I had the privilege of attending an historic international, interreligious colloquium in the Vatican.  Entitled Humanum: The Complementarity of Man and Woman, the conference explored the complementarity of men and women in marriage.  Participants came from countries all over the world and from more cultures and religious traditions than appear on […]

Give Sundance credit where credit is due

  A few weeks ago in another post on this blog, Sutherland analyst Matthew Piccolo brought to light the vulgar content presented during parts of the Sundance Institute’s annual film festival. While I share his concerns about the festival, Sundance also deserves praise for the family-friendly content it does produce. For example, a couple of years […]