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3 Things the Family Prosperity Index shows Utah legislators

By Krisana Finlay This Utah legislative session covers 1,200-plus bills, and with only 45 days to cover them all, legislators need to know what issues matters most. Luckily the newly published Family Prosperity Index (FPI), of which Sutherland gave a recent general overview, gives legislators a few things to keep in mind. Thanks in part […]

Unsure about school choice? Here’s why it matters

By Davi Johnson This week is National School Choice Week. President Trump’s nominee for secretary of education, Betsy DeVos, is an adamant proponent of school choice and has brought significant attention to the topic. Many fear these ensuing waves; others are looking forward to the ride; and some may not be sure what to think about […]

A glance at Utah’s Medicaid expansion

Activists have been pushing to expand Medicaid in Utah for some time now. Pressure to do so increased when a large portion of Obamacare was predicated on Medicaid expansion. Multiple legislative sessions in Utah held many debates – sometimes contentious – about whether the state should expand Medicaid, and if so, by how much. Full […]

Utah ranks #1 for family prosperity

A joint project by Sutherland Institute and the American Conservative Union Foundation found Utah ranks first in the nation according to the Family Prosperity Index, or FPI. The FPI measures more than 50 of the economic and social factors that indicate family prosperity, including but not limited to marriage and divorce rates, crime rates, STD rates and household income. A […]

3 reasons to be optimistic about future education policy

By Miriam Merrill This year has brought significant changes. We have a new president-elect and a newly named secretary of education. As we approach 2017, Sutherland Institute hopes to see significant changes in education policy – restoring policy-making power to the state and to local school districts as well as bold reform like parent choice […]

Assisted suicide: a background

Oregon legalized assisted suicide in 1997, and since 2009 three more states passed laws allowing it while a fourth had it mandated by a court ruling. The most recent state to legalize it was California, whose law took effect in 2016 after one of its residents, Brittany Maynard, left the state in order to use […]

How leftist imperialists take advantage of corporate philanthropists

By Miriam Merrill In an unprecedented move, outdoor clothing retailer Patagonia announced that 100 percent of its Black Friday sales this year would be donated to conservation efforts. Under this initiative, it received five times the revenue that it expected – over $10 million in sales, all going to environmental organizations. Impressive charitable pushes like […]