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Sorrow and a search for solutions

Tweet The school shootings in Connecticut last Friday have saddened the hearts of our nation. Our natural reaction is to scramble for ways to keep such a slaughter of innocents from ever happening again. As emotionally tempting as it is … Continue reading

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Reporter’s vivid Pearl Harbor account is finally published

Tweet Here’s a newly published report of the Pearl Harbor attack and its aftermath, written in 1941 by a Honolulu Star-Bulletin reporter but never printed by the newspaper because her editor “thought it would be too frightening for the women … Continue reading

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Digital learning summit: How ‘blended learning’ works

Tweet Blended learning is an education strategy that combines aspects of digital learning and a more traditional school setting. It offers superb flexibility and high quality to students who use it. And it’s happening right now in Utah’s public school … Continue reading

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Mobbing Hobby Lobby

Tweet Remember the Chick-fil-A controversy? Now it looks like some progressives are put out that Hobby Lobby is challenging the great wisdom of Obamacare. Fox News says: A Christian-owned chain of hobby shops is facing a bitter backlash after suing … Continue reading

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Burning Man festival: a libertarian's delight?

Tweet I’ve been intrigued by Nevada’s Burning Man festival ever since a long-ago co-worker painted a glowing picture of it – and the art I’ve seen in photos of the free-wheeling festival looks wonderfully creative. But not being a fan … Continue reading

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Helen Gurley Brown and the American family

Tweet Helen Gurley Brown’s death last week was followed by a number of laudatory stories about her trail-blazing career at Cosmopolitan magazine. Undoubtedly she was successful, measured by influence and money. But I find it hard to lionize her career … Continue reading

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'Roam school': the future of education

Tweet A first-person story in the Wall Street Journal points out the exciting developments in homeschooling and digital learning and the growing possibilities of being able to “mix and match” different options to create the best K-12 schooling for our … Continue reading

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A warmer planet needs cool-headed adaption

Tweet Just for a moment, let’s set aside the war over “global warming.” Whether you blame humans, cows, the sun, the natural cycles of the earth, or hot air from politicians for the planet’s temperature, let’s just look at the … Continue reading

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How marriage affects the economy

Tweet What do personal choices regarding marriage have to do with the economy? Quite a bit, according to a number of studies. Take a look at this report, a synthesis of recent research regarding marriage and the economy, which Sutherland … Continue reading

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Going upscale in downtown S.L.

Tweet Five years ago backhoes started ripping two old, not-so-upscale malls and surrounding buildings in downtown Salt Lake City into rubble. Now, after an immense amount of construction, the new City Creek Center is open. City Creek is remarkable not … Continue reading

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Defining necessity

Tweet   I have seen an image going around Facebook that will make you think twice about your holiday spending. It juxtaposes a photo of obviously starving children, holding out their hands, with a photo of harried shoppers with arms … Continue reading

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The gift of self-reliance, stitch by stitch

Tweet   My 10-year-old daughter just presented my husband and me with a Christmas wish list in the form of a letter: Dear Mom and/or Dad, Please, please, please get me a sewing kit for Christmas. I dearly want a … Continue reading

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Brazilians put brakes on babies

Tweet   September’s issue of National Geographic included a feature on “Brazil’s Girl Power,” detailing how Brazil’s fertility rate has slid from 6.3 children per women in 1960 to 1.9 in 2009 – a lightning-quick change in the world of … Continue reading

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Not what this woman wants

Tweet   I find myself grinding my teeth every time the “What A Woman Wants Show” billboards pop up around the Salt Lake Valley. The sales expo aimed at women is a legitimate event, the art on the billboards is … Continue reading

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City regulations cut into homeowners’ options

Tweet   My husband and I had windows replaced in our basement the other day – all but two windows. Why leave them out? Because, according to the window-replacement company, if you replace basement windows – no matter the age … Continue reading

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