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Conservatives begin with gratitude

Conservatism is not about saying “no” to everything, nor is it about putting the brakes on a rapidly moving culture. It’s about gratitude. That’s what Yuval Levin told us upon receiving the Bradley Prize two years ago at the Kennedy Center in Washington. Levin, who calls himself a “reform conservative,” is editor of National Affairs, […]

The pies of March

Tucked in between today’s ominous Friday the 13th and the ill-fated Ides of March on Sunday is a cozy little day celebrating math and dessert: Pi Day. Learn more about it here! And if you want to go out and celebrate, The Leonardo museum in Salt Lake City is having a Pi Day event (“Celebrate the Irrational!”), with admission at (of course) $3.14 apiece. […]

Go find a sunset

The Wall Street Journal writes that experiencing awe is good for you: Want to improve your life? Go do something awesome. The actual feeling of awe, and experiences that inspire it, benefit us in all sorts of ways, from stronger health to improved relationships, according to several recent studies. … Awe is an emotional response […]

Vaccination: the debate that shouldn’t exist

Vaccines have fallen victim to their own success. They have worked so incredibly well that no one remembers the reality of the diseases that vaccines have kept at bay, and instead too many people, out of fear, focus on a very few bad outcomes. The granddaddy of the anti-vaccine accusations, the infamous Wakefield study from 1998 – which claimed a […]

‘Speak American!’

A few months ago I was on the receiving end of a fender-bender in Taylorsville. I spent some time standing around and talking with the other drivers who had been hit. After I left one conversation to tend to my bored son, two other drivers continued talking to each other, switching to Spanish. I felt […]