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What time is it? Caucus time!

Tweet Party caucuses are tonight and Thursday, so here’s your chance to have a voice in Utah’s political process! Click here for a giant infographic explaining how Utah’s caucus system works. Click here to learn what delegates are and how … Continue reading

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Hear Utah’s female political voices in new On Point show

Tweet An all-women political panel – including Utah political figures such as Holly Richardson and state Sen. Deidre Henderson – discusses current events relating to Utah policy and politics every week during On Point, a new weekly videocast/podcast presented by … Continue reading

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Stay outta my way!

Tweet In this video clip from Sutherland’s 2014 Legislative Policy Conference, Paul Mero asks two supporters of the Count My Vote initiative, LaVarr Webb and Kirk Jowers, whether they would drop Count My Vote if all their concerns were addressed … Continue reading

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Leave Newtown in peace for anniversary of shooting

Tweet The residents of Newtown, Conn.  – whose lives were violently disrupted by a massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary last year on Dec. 14 – have asked media to leave them alone this year. No breathless “one year ago today!” … Continue reading

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Gettysburg Address: not so silly after all

Tweet The Patriot-News, a newspaper in central Pennsylvania, printed an amusing retraction of its ancestor’s original, uncomplimentary, review of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address: “We pass over the silly remarks of the President. For the credit of the nation we are … Continue reading

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‘Like treating cancer with a Band-Aid’

Tweet “The federal government has a horrific record on preschool,” says Joy Pullman in The Federalist. And she says no one is willing to admit what the root problems are: “The most curious thing about the preschool debate is that … Continue reading

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Sutherland goes live on Utah Legislative Update radio show

Tweet Sutherland Institute’s Stan Rasmussen joined Senate President Wayne Niederhauser last week in the studio to talk about health reform and charity care on “Niedertalk” on KHQN (1480 AM). Jim Fell of Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation also joined … Continue reading

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A vision of love and community

Tweet Here’s a great column in The Atlantic by Michael R. Strain on how love and community can save conservatism. Many on the right correctly emphasize individual liberty, but they do not emphasize what conservatism knows to be true: It … Continue reading

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Conservatives begin with gratitude

Tweet Conservatism is not about saying “no” to everything, nor is it about putting the brakes on a rapidly moving culture. It’s about gratitude. This is what Yuval Levin said upon receiving the Bradley Prize last week at the Kennedy … Continue reading

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Google on a search-and-destroy mission against online child porn

Tweet This is a great piece of news to start the week with: [Google] is creating a database of images depicting child exploitation – to be shared with tech companies, law enforcement, and charities – in order to scrub the … Continue reading

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Government’s stalking of media is outrageous and creepy

Tweet As a former journalist who spent 20 years in the newsroom of a daily paper, I have watched with horror the news about the Justice Department snooping into the Associated Press’s records and conducting surveillance on Fox News correspondent … Continue reading

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‘Feminism has betrayed an entire generation of women’

Tweet In 2008, the daughter of novelist Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple, wrote about how her mother’s extreme feminism poisoned her life. Rebecca Walker rued her upbringing and praised the happiness that motherhood has now brought her. Her … Continue reading

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Scholar Robert P. George speaks at Sutherland dinner on the pillars of a decent society

Tweet Princeton’s Robert P. George spoke at Sutherland Institute’s annual dinner on Tuesday, giving an impassioned defense of the traditional family structure as the key to a free, prosperous and happy society. “Although no family is perfect, no institution matches … Continue reading

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Put your sweetheart first (no Paris ‘lovelocks’ required)

Tweet The Wall Street Journal is talking of love … ways of showing love. One way is to write both your names, or your initials, on a padlock, lock it to a bridge over the Seine in Paris, and throw … Continue reading

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Tonight on PBS: ‘First Freedom’ documentary by Utah filmmaker

Tweet “First Freedom: The Fight for Religious Liberty,” a film by Utah filmmaker Lee Groberg on the history of religious liberty in America, airs tonight at 7 on KUED as well as on hundreds of PBS affiliates across the country. … Continue reading

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