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Three steps to becoming a more informed voter

The June 26 primary election is just around the corner. If you don’t know who or what will be on your ballot, then it’s time to find out. Fortunately, the state of Utah has a great resource for you to … Continue reading

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How to look up a bill on the Legislature’s website

The state of Utah has an excellent legislative website. This site has a wealth of information available to responsible citizens … if you know where to find it. Today I want to go over the quickest way to find and … Continue reading

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Interim day: license plate scanning and Common Core

Today, the Utah Legislature held its first interim committee meetings of the year. These meetings occur once each month from May through November, except in July. Legislators address a range of issues, including ideas for future bills, implementation of past … Continue reading

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Christmas and our freedom of religion

  The Christmas season is one of my favorite times of the year. As Christians celebrate the birth of the Christ Child, the month of December punctuates the role of religion in our free society. It was no accident that … Continue reading

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Reality squashes farmer’s plan to hire local labor

  With unemployment hovering around 9 percent, some have argued that if we could just “deal with” (read: “round up and ship out” or “starve out”) undocumented immigrants, there would be enough jobs to go around. After all, they’re taking … Continue reading

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Results of our GOP delegate survey

  State delegates are charged with selecting primary candidates, but surprisingly little is known about these delegates’ opinions on important issues in Utah. Earlier this month, Sutherland Institute sent out an email survey to Republican state delegates. Seven hundred ten … Continue reading

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Independence declared with beauty and civility

  To prepare for our celebration of Independence Day, I took a minute to re-read the Declaration of Independence. One thing stood out especially to me as I read: The beauty and civility of the language of our forefathers in … Continue reading

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The Truth About HB 116: FAQ

  Critics of HB 116 have tried their best to dissect the new law and uncover its flaws with the intent to have it repealed. In an effort to clear the air, here are a few answers to questions we … Continue reading

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