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Selling our national soul for 30 pieces of silver

Tweet The United States Senate recently voted overwhelmingly to proceed with debate on the so-called Marketplace Fairness Act, and scheduled a final vote for May 6. This law, if passed, would authorize states to require Internet-based companies without a physical … Continue reading

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Grand jury report says Gosnell case is partially a result of pro-abortion politics

Tweet In a thoughtful and compelling article published by The Wall Street Journal, James Taranto argues that the gruesome case of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell illustrates the need to end the legal “Roe regime” of “abortion on demand.” He cites … Continue reading

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Writer uses illegal-abortion case to call for more abortions

Tweet What is the solution for preventing people from killing women and children? Evidently, for the left, it is to make it easier to kill children. In response to an opinion piece in USA Today blasting traditional media for ignoring … Continue reading

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Utah’s at the top in digital learning – let’s keep it there

Tweet As noted by the Utah Taxpayers Association and The Senate Site, Utah recently received an “A” on the 2012 Digital Learning Report Card from Digital Learning Now! As the only state in the country to do so, Utah is … Continue reading

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One reason why liberal economic policies haven’t led to a strong recovery

Tweet For every economically beneficial project funded by “economic stimulus spending,” there is at least one economically wasteful project … such as the $423,500 of federal funding spent studying “barriers to condom use” as part of President Obama’s “economic stimulus” … Continue reading

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Children and the culture of drinking

Tweet In the recently concluded legislative session, a bill was introduced and passed by the Utah House of Representatives on a 63-11 vote that would have done away with the so-called “Zion Curtain.” Wisely, the Senate stopped such poor public … Continue reading

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Growth: The new Conservative vision?

Tweet The Weekly Standard recently posted a pair of articles about the need of the GOP to craft a policy and political agenda centered on “growth.” The authors focus on economic growth, but they focus on how that growth improves … Continue reading

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What a liberal ‘economic recovery’ feels like

Tweet Technically, the so-called “Great Recession” ended in June 2009. So does it feel like an “economic recovery” to you? Fortunately for many Utahns – in part due to the generally conservative public policies put in place by Utah policymakers … Continue reading

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Obamacare expected to raise cost of health care claims 28% in Utah

Tweet A new report from the Society of Actuaries – financial risk professionals that estimate long-term costs for pensions, insurance, and the government – estimates that the cost of health care claims – the “most important driver” of insurance premiums … Continue reading

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The myth of the gender wage gap, part 2

Tweet Last summer, I wrote about a 2009 government-financed research report which provided evidence that the so-called “gender wage gap” – the idea that women get paid less than men because of baseless discrimination – is largely a myth. The … Continue reading

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Why Utah should expect ongoing drops in federal funding

Tweet With sequestration now in place, federal funding for low-income and special education students, national defense (read: Hill Air Force Base), and for local government programs and services will be decreasing, with impacts which have yet to materialize. The impacts … Continue reading

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What is ‘local control’ in public education really about?

Tweet How would an authentically child-centered view of public education define “local control,” in regard to actually running a public school? Does it mean state-level control, district-level control, or school-level control? According to a new study, shifting power from the … Continue reading

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Whew! ‘Global warming’ saved us from global cooling

Tweet In a New York Times article highlighting a recent climate study which found that global temperatures are the highest they’ve been in at least 4,000 years, there was an interesting quote from the author of the study, also highlighted, … Continue reading

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Trib columnist shows honesty about logic of ‘gay marriage’

Tweet One question we’ve often asked those who advocate for “gay marriage” has been this: If you believe that legal recognition of marriage should be based only on “love” – as opposed to the rights of children, or the benefits … Continue reading

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Activists launch their effort to overturn Utah’s marriage amendment

Tweet According to a recent news report, “gay rights” activists in Utah are filing legal briefs in the pending U.S. Supreme Court cases concerning the definition of marriage. Specifically, it is reported that these briefs are citing Utah’s marriage amendment … Continue reading

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