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Utah ranks 34th in amount of state debt per capita

According to an analysis of data by the Tax Foundation, Utah has the 34th highest amount of state debt per capita at $2,577. Compared with our Mountain West neighbors, we fare better than Montana ($4,290), New Mexico ($3,914), and Colorado … Continue reading

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Liquor ‘bait-and-switch’ could happen in Utah, too

Chain restaurants – including three that operate in Utah – have been charged with liquor fraud in New Jersey. Examples of fraud ranged from filling premium-brand bottles with cheap alcohol and selling it at premium prices, to pouring dirty water … Continue reading

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How digital learning can save a student’s education

Do you want a plan to give second chances to children who struggle to learn? To empower children struck by tragedy (e.g., a major injury or illness) to continue their education? To provide advanced learners the chance to reach new … Continue reading

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Massive regulatory costs hamper the current ‘recovery’

This chart is worth a thousand words: The regulatory costs of the first terms of President Clinton (1993-1996) and President George W. Bush (2001-2004) also occurred during economic recoveries, after recessions in 1991 and 2001, respectively. And, perhaps not coincidentally, … Continue reading

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Take a look at the taxman’s tax map: How does Utah compare?

How do Utah’s income tax rates compare to those in neighboring states, or states in other regions? Is Utah’s sales tax burden higher than other states’? What kind of tax (sales, income, property, etc.) does Utah government rely on the … Continue reading

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The young and the liberal

The 2012 presidential election campaign was framed as a choice between a former governor who knows how to get the economy producing good jobs (the Romney line) but is unacceptable in character and experience (the Obama line), and a sitting … Continue reading

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Utah showing how digital learning can make public schools more cost-effective

As noted in a recent news story in The Salt Lake Tribune, Utah has begun a move away from traditional textbooks to digital textbooks (aka e-books) that is “gaining speed.” These e-books are “cheaper, more up to date and interactive,” … Continue reading

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National liberal fiscal insanity, or why Utah needs a spending amendment

As noted on The Weekly Standard blog, the acting director of President Obama’s Office of Management and Budget wrote an op-ed published across the country, as well as put up on the White House blog, claiming that “the President’s Budget … Continue reading

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Selling our national soul for 30 pieces of silver

The United States Senate recently voted overwhelmingly to proceed with debate on the so-called Marketplace Fairness Act, and scheduled a final vote for May 6. This law, if passed, would authorize states to require Internet-based companies without a physical presence … Continue reading

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Grand jury report says Gosnell case is partially a result of pro-abortion politics

In a thoughtful and compelling article published by The Wall Street Journal, James Taranto argues that the gruesome case of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell illustrates the need to end the legal “Roe regime” of “abortion on demand.” He cites the … Continue reading

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Writer uses illegal-abortion case to call for more abortions

What is the solution for preventing people from killing women and children? Evidently, for the left, it is to make it easier to kill children. In response to an opinion piece in USA Today blasting traditional media for ignoring the … Continue reading

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Utah’s at the top in digital learning – let’s keep it there

As noted by the Utah Taxpayers Association and The Senate Site, Utah recently received an “A” on the 2012 Digital Learning Report Card from Digital Learning Now! As the only state in the country to do so, Utah is setting … Continue reading

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One reason why liberal economic policies haven’t led to a strong recovery

For every economically beneficial project funded by “economic stimulus spending,” there is at least one economically wasteful project … such as the $423,500 of federal funding spent studying “barriers to condom use” as part of President Obama’s “economic stimulus” program. … Continue reading

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Children and the culture of drinking

In the recently concluded legislative session, a bill was introduced and passed by the Utah House of Representatives on a 63-11 vote that would have done away with the so-called “Zion Curtain.” Wisely, the Senate stopped such poor public policy … Continue reading

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Growth: The new Conservative vision?

The Weekly Standard recently posted a pair of articles about the need of the GOP to craft a policy and political agenda centered on “growth.” The authors focus on economic growth, but they focus on how that growth improves opportunities … Continue reading

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