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Liberal fantasies and the promise of conservative common sense

Tweet A family devastated when a parent comes home with news that they’ve lost their job. Human dignity crushed under the weight of multi-year unemployment. Hope for a better financial future slowly drained away by a seemingly endless drought of … Continue reading

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Collective bargaining means less-affordable services for taxpayers

Tweet Do you think paying 12 percent more for a house than you need to is a good idea? What about when it comes to services provided by state and local government employees? Economists at Miami (Ohio) University and Trinity … Continue reading

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Surprise! CO2 is projected to generate $9.8 trillion in benefits

Tweet Here are three important numbers for you: 140, 3.2, and 9.8. The first number is the number of billions of dollars ($140B) in benefit that carbon dioxide added to global crop production in 2011. The second is how many … Continue reading

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Screaming ‘no’ to reform ignores facts, research on alcohol and driving

Tweet Editor’s note: The Salt Lake Tribune published a version of this op-ed here. We are reposting this so that interested readers can view the citations. Alcohol is a merciless killer. Every 53 minutes, alcohol-impaired driving kills someone on the … Continue reading

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‘Progressive’ policies still sapping the economy

Tweet I have documented on this blog a set of facts to argue that liberal public policies are undermining recovery of the economy, effectively depriving millions of people, especially low-income families, of gainful employment that would increase their income and … Continue reading

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Study: Low levels of government debt is good economic policy

Tweet Suppose you have a financial crisis that devours a large part of your income, putting you and your family at risk. Would you rather have financial flexibility to respond to this situation, with low levels of credit card and … Continue reading

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Objections to Utah’s school grading system are demeaning, hypocritical

Tweet Utah’s education associations – representing the interests of various adults in public schools – have come out of the woodwork in opposition to Utah’s new school grading policy. This is not surprising, since the idea of school grading is … Continue reading

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Research: Romney was right about Obamacare

Tweet The differences (or the lack thereof) between Obamacare and “Romneycare” were issues of significant debate in the 2012 presidential election. One side (Obama) argued that what worked in Massachusetts would work for the rest of the country. The other … Continue reading

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Is America’s high unemployment ‘the new normal’?

Tweet The most recent recession has created a difficult, if not dire, employment problem for millions of Americans, and thousands of Utahns. As an illustration, after the national unemployment rate fell from about 6 percent in January 2003 to under … Continue reading

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Utah’s education system gets ‘D’ in financial transparency

Tweet Are Utah’s public education administrators properly committed to openness and transparency regarding their stewardship over public schools and the tax dollars that pay for them? A recent analysis from the Cato Institute suggests the answer is no. The analysis … Continue reading

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Immigration benefits both immigrants and working-class Americans, study says

Tweet Some have argued that modern-day immigrants – referring to Mexican immigrants who are “low skilled” – are harmful to working families because they take away jobs from working-class families. Recent research suggests the opposite is in fact the case, … Continue reading

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Infographic: Utah ranks favorably in tax and spending growth

Tweet Utah has rightly been recognized as one of the best managed states in the nation, primarily due to its conservative approach to fiscal policy. Two recently published infographics from the Tax Foundation highlight what this looks like. The first … Continue reading

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‘Catastrophically damaging’

Tweet According to “economic development” advocates, here’s what “catastrophically damaging” looks like when it comes to drinking in Utah: a few moments of awkward conversation about Utah’s liquor laws when a waiter has to explain to a customer at a … Continue reading

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Models of climate-change costs are ‘completely made up,’ MIT economist says

Tweet Don’t just be skeptical of climate change models. Be skeptical of the predicted costs of climate change, too. Recently, I wrote a post arguing that observed temperature data support skepticism of the climate change models that many on the … Continue reading

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What children learn from welfare: stay on welfare

Tweet What are the effects of government welfare programs on families, and especially children? Do they simply provide a temporary hand up to families, so their children can go on to lead self-reliant, productive lives? Or do they actually teach … Continue reading

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