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The business of business is … raising our taxes?

What moral or ethical reasoning justifies taking hundreds of millions of dollars from the collective paychecks of Utah’s middle-income, working families and taxpayers? In the minds of part of the business community, it appears to be future economic growth and long-term government planning. These are the lead points offered in support of the proposal from […]

Nonbinding nonsense: questionable tactic for the frustrated

Groups that have had their political and ideological agendas frustrated by Utah’s constitutional order and the conservative instincts of state policymakers have recently begun pursuing a new tactic in their crusade to moderate and “sophisticate” the state’s prudent management of taxpayer resources. They have proposed statewide “nonbinding votes” of the people. The idea of the […]

Op-ed: New hate-crimes bill does not reflect spirit of ‘Utah Compromise’

(S.L. Tribune) Progressive advocates have proposed new hate crimes legislation (Senate Bill 107 – Hate Crimes Amendments) that seeks to increase punishments for criminals whose offense intentionally targets a gay, lesbian or transgender individual. A year after the “Utah Compromise” on LGBT nondiscrimination and religious liberty, this ought to be a time of hope for […]

Section 1332 waiver still embraces drawbacks of Obamacare

Recently, gubernatorial candidate Jonathan Johnson called on Utah policymakers to pursue a section 1332 waiver under Obamacare to address the problem of the coverage gap. As another of Obamacare’s empty promises, this waiver represents unreasonable, bad policy that Utah policymakers should avoid. On the surface, a section 1332 waiver seems to offer both flexibility and […]

How do we successfully fight poverty? Some answers

As we mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, a scholar with the American Enterprise Institute gave testimony to Congress’s House Budget Committee recently on the topic of reducing poverty. The scholar’s story is a fascinating one. His name is Robert Doar, and he gained his expertise on the issue of poverty by working for 18 years […]

The Medicaid expansion alternative

Today [Tuesday], members of the Utah Legislature are deliberating Utah Access+, the latest proposal to expand Medicaid under Obamacare in Utah. We don’t know for certain what the outcome of their deliberations will be, but one Salt Lake Tribune headline has stated that the plan is “likely doomed.” While I’m not going to celebrate another’s […]

No-progress progressive policies

How should we address the social and economic problems of inequality? If you ask a progressive liberal, they are likely to say something along these lines: “The problem is that the super-wealthy get all of the benefits of economic growth but don’t pay their fair share in taxes. So one thing we need to do […]

Just how does increased income improve family life?

Scholarly research has long found connections between higher income and better life outcomes, especially for children. But how does having more money lead to things like better health and social development? Is it just because the rich can afford to pay for better health care and higher-quality schools? New research suggests that this simple answer […]